Application Scientist – Euformatics, Espoo



About the job

Bring the future of clinical diagnostics through genomic data analysis to hospitals and laboratories globally.

Many diseases that have historically been incurable or untreatable will become curable or even preventable in the future due to increased understanding of our genomic data. Solving biological problems from this perspective is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Do you want to play a role in enabling that change?


As an Application Scientists your main responsibility is to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of Euformatics software to customers as well as provide technical support and consultation to them. From assisting in the design and implementation of customer workflows and analysis pipelines to provide training and education to customers on the use of Euformatics tools, you will be responsible for building strong relationships with existing and potential customers and channel partners around the world taking ownership of their customer journey and success with us.

You will collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Product Development, Sales, and Marketing, to drive product adoption and customer satisfaction. Staying current on industry trends and new technologies in human genetics is valued. We are growing rapidly, and so is the number of our distributors and customers – this is your chance to play your part in making genomic analysis a routine part of every diagnosis.

You could be speaking with a laboratory director in a university hospital in the Philippines in the morning or catching-up with a customer in South America to ensure they are getting the most out of our products. Depending on your background, skills and experience you will be primarily responsible for one region in the world complemented by some custom-picked markets of interest.

You will work with your colleagues to maintain the Euformatics customer base, and maintain a strong, long-lasting relationship with them.


You are someone who is at ease in front of customers and a pro with words. Our customers are located all around the world, and we work in English, so a good working knowledge of English is crucial and fluency in other European languages is considered valuable.

You have a strong understanding in the field of genetics and molecular biology, or can demonstrate from previous experience that you are able to learn complex and new ideas quickly and effectively to be able to discuss with customers.

You understand the value of and can demonstrate experience of building trust with key stakeholders and are able to take initiative to solve customer problems.

You ideally have a doctoral degree and experience in a customer support role, but if you can convince us that your combination of skills and experience are the right fit then we are more interested in that than a degree. Most importantly, we value the priority and speed to keep customers satisfied topped with supporting your colleagues.

Work environment

We play the infinite game here at Euformatics. And occasionally some ping pong as well. In order to succeed in a complex and difficult field we need to work with people that commit to our mission and are in this for the long term. We are looking for people that want to make a difference and have the drive to make a long-lasting change. If this resonates with your ambition, please get it touch. We would love to hear from you!