As part of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine, FIMM in collaboration with HIIT is seeking outstanding candidates for positions of Doctoral Students in Molecular Medicine, Bioinformatics and Data Science

In collaboration with the Nordic EMBL Partnership in Molecular Medicine and the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, FIMM announces the opening of the 2018 call for applications for Doctoral Students in Molecular Medicine, Bioinformatics, and Data Science as part of the FIMM-EMBL International PhD recruitment and training program.
In this program, outstanding doctoral students are recruited to the institute-level rotation program where they will work with two to three different research groups during a six to nine month period prior to matching to a research group in which they remain for their doctoral studies. The program provides an exciting opportunity to explore different research areas and working environments as well as to learn a variety of science and technologies, making connections within and beyond the institutes.
More information and application at www.fimm.fi/en/open-positions
Deadline for applications is February 8, 2018.