Postdoc and a graduate student position available in Klefström Laboratory, Research Programs Unit, University of Helsinki

The laboratory studies oncogene and tumor suppressor induced cancer-specific cellular programs, which cause therapeutic vulnerabilities in breast cancer. We are now seeking an energetic postdoc and a graduate student (or late stage pro gradu student) for a TEKES and the Academy of Finland funded project aiming to build a preclinical platform on patient-derived breast cancer explants. The project offers an opportunity to learn about new concepts and methods in modern cancer biology, including patient-derived organoids, targeted therapies and immuno-oncology,  as well as push the limits of predictive cancer models with an ultimate goal to help breast cancer patients already within the lifetime of the project. In addition, one project coordinator position is open in FuGU with an affiliation with Klefström lab. 
For more information on the open positions and application procedures, please visit:
Deadline for application is June, 15.