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Expressions of Interest are invited for the position of Scientific Project Manager at Euro-Bioimaging ERIC (https://www.eurobioimaging.eu), a pan-European research infrastructure organization that offers open access to world-leading imaging technologies, training and data services in biological and biomedical imaging. 

The recruited Manager will be part of the operational leadership of the organization with special focus on contributing to the overall teamwork, specially in project management tasks for EU funded projects.  All of this with the goal of advancing Euro-Bioimaging services, technologies and operations.  

The Opportunity 

This is an exciting opportunity if you are passionate about biological and biomedical imaging and would be interested in an international engagement to manage and advance multiple projects from the development and planning phase all the way to the execution and reporting stages. The project topics may span from artificial intelligence applications in imaging to the study of infectious disease and cancer. The project consortia consist of the leading research and research infrastructure organizations, offering a lively and dynamic environment. 

The mission of Euro-BioImaging ERIC as a distributed research infrastructure is to provide the European research community, collaborative partners and industry with world class imaging services that bridge biological and biomedical imaging and enable innovative and world-class research. Whatever the scale of imaging, Euro-BioImaging provides the tools and support to explore and answer research questions. To achieve this, Euro-BioImaging ERIC is managing and coordinating new scientific EU funded projects. The role of the Scientific Project Manager will be to coordinate and administer EU projects to successful initiation and completion, thus helping the progress and development of the Euro-BioImaging ERIC.

The Scientific Project Manager is hired at the Statutory Seat of Euro-BioImaging ERIC and positioned in Turku, Finland. The Statutory Seat is the office of the Director General and responsible for the overall coordination and administration of Euro-BioImaging ERIC.

Euro-BioImaging is managed by a tripartite Hub, or Headquarters team, in Finland, Germany, and Italy, including the Statutory Seat in Turku, and the sections for biological (Bio-Hub, EMBL Heidelberg) and biomedical imaging (Med-Hub, CNR, Turin).  You will have a chance to work with the whole highly multidisciplinary and multicultural team at all three locations. 

In addition to the specific project management tasks, the Scientific Project Manager will contribute to the Euro-BioImaging Hub tasks and operation as a fully  integrated team member. The Hub runs the day-to-day management of the organization, promoting the research infrastructure nationally and internationally, contributing to the coordinated provision of access, services and training to state-of-the-art imaging technologies for all life scientists in Europe and beyond and finally, fostering liaison and cooperation across the broad bioimaging communities.

Main responsibilities

The candidate will be a key contributor to the following tasks:

  • managing projects, in particular for EU funded projects
  • reporting the results of the EU funded projects towards the European Commission, and towards the relevant stakeholders
  • coordinating and administering existing projects making sure that all the members and partners execute their functions and the project delivers what it has proposed
  • collaborating with the multiple partners of Euro-BioImaging ERIC to constantly apply for new funding opportunities and securing the necessary funds for operations in new projects
  • contributing to the overall team work
  • representing  Euro-BioImaging ERIC in relevant collaborative efforts, project meetings and conferences


  • Higher education, MSc or PhD degree in science (e.g life-sciences, biological and biomedical sciences, or equivalent). 
  • Relevant background experience and interest in the fields of biological and biomedical imaging, or closely associated scientific fields
  • Excellent communication skills and fluency in English 
  • Socially adaptive personality with passion to advance European Science and curiosity to learn from all the people working in the European Science landscape 

Advantages for the position include one or several of the following elements:

  • Experience in project  management in a relevant scientific field
  • Experience in EU-funded projects and their management
  • Experience that have developed project management skills

The Organization 

Euro-BioImaging ERIC is a joint effort of 17 members, and one observer country. Euro-BioImaging ERIC is managed by the tripartite Hub, and the services are provided by 33 Nodes (comprising 140 renowned imaging facilities), that are distributed across Europe. These services can be accessed by all scientists in need of imaging technologies through the Euro-BioImaging Web Portal (www.eurobioimaging.eu). 

Specific information on the Euro-BioImaging Nodes can be found on the web page (https://www.eurobioimaging.eu/about-us/eurobioimaging-nodes). The Nodes provide access to over 50 different cutting-edge biological and biomedical imaging technologies. In addition, novel technologies are constantly being included in the Euro-BioImaging portfolio (https://www.eurobioimaging.eu/about-us/new-technologies).

Application conditions, process and tentative timeline

The appointment will be to a full-time fixed term contract academic position with a trial period of six months. The appointment is a fixed-term position with possibility for renewal.

The salary is negotiable and will be commensurate with the experience of the candidate.

Euro-BioImaging is an inclusive, equal opportunity and non-discrimination employer. The international nature of Euro-BioImaging Hub makes an attractive and inspiring working environment, offering a wide view on the biomedical imaging field in Europe as a whole.

A letter expressing an interest in the position along with a CV and any other relevant information should be sent (electronically) by June 19, 2022 to:


After receiving full applications, potential candidates will be contacted and interviews will be arranged. The appointment process is aimed to be completed within two months of its onset.


Informal enquiries can be made to:

Prof. John Eriksson, Director General


+358 50 4096624