Research Assistant/Associate (permanent position) Cancer Genomics, Oncology Research

13.5.2021 | Avoimet työpaikat


Description of position

We are looking for an experienced Research Assistant/Associate to be based in the R&D laboratories in Turku. This is a hands-on position for an experienced Assistant/Associate who enjoys working in the lab. You will be part of the Cancer Genomics team, but work in close collaboration with the other research organisations of Orion. You will have an opportunity to be part of a highly motivated and international team and work in modern laboratory facilities equipped with state-of-art laboratory instrumentation. This is a permanent position and location is Turku, Finland.

Main responsibilities:

  • Provide research support for in vitro cell based assays, biochemical assays and molecular biology assays (such as qPCR, WB and/or cell imaging)
  • Independently maintain and perform studies with mammalian cell cultures
  • Determine the potency and mechanism of action of small molecule compounds
  • Be responsible for the accurate documentation of research and screening results
  • Maintain high standards of housekeeping and take responsibility of routine laboratory and cell culture maintenance tasks

Description of unit

Oncology Research is accountable for the discovery of novel targets and research projects in the therapy area of oncology at Orion. Cancer Genomics team is one of the four research teams in Oncology Research, and our teams build the R&D Oncology portfolio and Oncology strategy in close collaboration with business and all R&D global functions.

We Offer

We are offering an excellent opportunity to work in a dynamic team in modern laboratory facilities equipped with state-of-art laboratory instrument in Oncology Research at Orion. Join us – together we build well-being and do work that we are proud of!

In Orion, we have a highly interesting R&D pipeline and enthusiastic working environment. We offer an exciting opportunity to create an impact on the future therapies for patients. As an expert of your own field, you will be a member of multi-disciplinary team jointly innovating and developing new treatments for the patients. Appreciation of colleagues and continuous development are part of our core values. The culture of Orion R&D is informal and we enjoy working together.


A successful applicant has several years of experience in hands-on laboratory work and techniques related to cellular and biochemical assays, for example in running high throughput screens as well as common molecular biology techniques (RNA/DNA/protein isolations and analysis, and/or immunoassays). Previous strong knowledge and experience working with mammalian cell cultures and related functional studies (for example transfections, reporter assays) is required.

Additionally, we expect that you have a suitable degree in the field of health sciences, for example from University of Applied Sciences. You are highly motivated, possess interpersonal and organizational skills that allow you to interact in a collaborative work environment. You also have basic computational skills, ideally experience in documentation using electronic lab notebook, and are able to communicate in verbal and written English. Industry experience is an advantage, but not a requirement.

Additional information

Please send your application latest by 26 May 2021.

For further information, please contact Dr Julia Lindqvist, Senior Scientist in Cancer Genomics and Metabolism, +358 50 966 7975, during the following hours: Wednesday May 19 at 15.00-16.00 or Friday May 21 at 9.00-10.00.


Approved medical examination which also includes drug testing is required prior to the employment. We will also carry out a security clearance prior to the employment for the selected person.

Research scientist, analytical development

11.5.2021 | Avoimet työpaikat


Orion Corporation operates in more than 20 countries, where we Orionees, 3200 in total, work in all kinds of positions. Among us there are Research Scientists, Laboratory Technicians, Engineers and IT Specialists as well as people working in Production, just to mention some examples. We offer diverse and responsible jobs to our personnel in a truly multi-disciplinary work environment. We encourage people to develop their competences and offer opportunities to affect the job description and creating their own career path at Orion. We are searching for top talents who are ready to share our passion for the work that we do.

Description of position

We offer a permanent analytical scientist position in our analytical laboratory in Turku, Finland. We are looking for a research-driven scientist with interest in connecting analytical data with drug substance and product properties. We operate within several therapy areas, i.e. oncology, neurodegeration, pain and animal health.

Your main responsibility is to design and perform chemical analytics and dissolution studies for oral suspensions, liquids and solid dosage forms. You plan and run studies exploring method feasibility and confirming its appropriateness for the intended use. You will review results, summarize and make conclusions of the studies, and document the work for registration purposes according to GMP principles.

You will learn forward-looking biopharmaceutical strategies that enable the development of a high-quality drug substances and drug products through research phase and clinical trials. As well, you will learn the skills of preparing and testing small scale liquid and suspension formulations intended for non-clinical in-vivo testing.

Daily work involves intensive collaboration with internal and external stakeholders working closely together in multi-disciplinary teams. You will follow the international development in this field of science, develop the activities and practices within pharmaceutical research and development, and share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues.

Description of unit

Biopharmaceutics unit consists of analytical, physical-analytical and formulation scientists. We work in research projects for which we develop biopharmaceutical tools and understanding of in-vivo absorption of drug substances. We support drug product development for clinical trials. Biopharmaceutics unit is a part of the Pharmaceutical Research and Development organisation in Orion R&D.

We offer

We offer you the opportunity to join one of the most innovative companies in Finland to use and further develop your expertise in drug and drug product development. We also offer you great colleagues who are driven by the engaging mission of the company and are fun to work with. We foster entrepreneurship, have an open and idea-rich atmosphere with plenty of ways to make a difference. Appreciation of colleagues and continuous development are part of our core values.


  • M.Sc. degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical sciences or a related field.
  • Experience of analytical method development with research or pharmaceutical industry.
  • Hands-on experience of performing chemical analytics in laboratory settings.
  • Knowledge of materials sciences and applications in pharmaceutical development preferred.
  • Ability to collaborate well in cross-functional teams internally and in external networks with academia, CROs and partners.

  Fluent communication skills in English are essential.

Additional information

If you interested, please apply at the latest on Thursday 27.5.2021! Inquiries can be done by telephone: Bert van Veen, +358 50 966 4625 (on 17.5. at 14-15 or 24.5. at 14-15).

Approved medical examination which also includes drug testing is required prior to the employment.