1.5.2021 | Ajankohtaista

University of Eastern Finland
Institute of Biomedicine

The Institute of Biomedicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Eastern
Finland declares open for application a grant for a research internship for the period of
1.6.2021 – 31.8.2021.
The topic of the research will be setting up data analysis workflows for single cell genomics
data and processing available datasets. Previous experience in this topic will be considered
as merit when evaluating the applicants. Practical skills in programming languages R and
Python are required.
Currently, the work will be carried out remotely due to COVID-19. For this reason the
applicant is expected to have a suitable personal computer to carry out the work as no
equipment or office space will be provided by UEF.
The amount of the grant is 1800 € per month.
In the application please include:

  • record of completed studies (university BSc/MSc level)
  • CV
  • motivation letter

Please send the application by 15.5.2021 to merja.heinaniemi@uef.fi
and address it to:
Prof. Merja Heinäniemi
Institute of Biomedicine
University of Eastern Finland
PL 1627
70211 Kuopio
More information about the grant: see contact details above

Viikon tervehdys

13.4.2021 | Ajankohtaista

Mukavaa kevään aloitusta kaikille!

Vaikka vallitsevan Covid-19 -tilanteen vuoksi Suomen Solubiologit ry:kin joutuu pitämään vielä pientä hiljaiseloa tapahtumien suhteen, niin näin ei suinkaan ole nettisivujen ja muiden sosiaalisen median kanaviemme kanssa. Tänäänkin on julkaistu muutama uusi työpaikkailmoitus nettisivuillemme. Muun muassa Itä-Suomen yliopistossa on haussa niin post-doc -tutkijaa Suomen Akatemian rahoittamaan Prof. Jorma Palvimon projektiin solujen erilaistumiseen liittyen kuin yliopistolehtoria ja yliopisto-opettajaa Biolääketieteen puolelle. Lisäksi kansainvälinen yhtiö, Sartorius, hakee Helsinkiin projektimanageria laboratoriolaitteiden ja -kulutustavaroiden markkinointiin ja potfolion hallintaan liittyen.

Käyhän katsomassa linkit ajankohtais-osiosta tämän artikkelin alta. Työpaikkakuvauksista löytyy myös linkit hakusivustoille. Eli hakemaan vain! 🙂

Ja mikäli sinulla on tiedossa alan työpaikka tai muu tapahtuma, josta haluaisit mainostaa kanavissamme, ota reippaasti yhteyttä: suomensolubiologit@gmail.com. Allekirjoittanut yhdessä muiden hallituslaisten kanssa vastaa mielellään yhteydenottoihin.

Mukavaa kevättä kaikille, koko Suomen Solubiologit ry:n puolesta toivottaen,

Linda Kauppinen,
Suomen Solubiologit ry:n tiedotusvastaava

Postdoctoral Researcher/Project Researcher, Biomedical NMR – A.I. Virtanen Institute, University of Eastern Finland

27.3.2021 | Ajankohtaista


The University of Eastern Finland is inviting applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher / Project Researcher (Biomedical NMR) position in Kuopio. The position will be filled for a two-year term from 1 May 2021 (or as agreed). Please find more information below and submit your application no later than April 14, 2021.

Role and salary

As our new Postdoctoral or Project Researcher in Biomedical NMR, you will be working in the A.I. Virtanen Institute at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Kuopio Campus.

The Metabolic MRI group at the University of Eastern Finland is aiming to develop hyperpolarisation-based methods for metabolic magnetic resonance imaging. The applicant will be working in a neuroimaging project, aimed to image stroke and other neurological models at high (3T) and low (0.6T) magnetic fields. The project will improve the understanding of the metabolism of hyperpolarised marker molecules (e.g. pyruvate) during stroke and help establish the experimental basis for further development of hyperpolarized low-field MRI. The researcher will join a group currently including 2 PhD students and the Research Director. In addition to collaborations within Finland, the project involves collaborations with research groups in Denmark and Italy.

The successful candidate will hold a suitable doctoral degree. If you have been awarded your doctoral degree less than five years ago, the post will be one of a Postdoctoral Researcher. If the doctoral degree has been awarded more than five years ago, the post will be one of a Project Researcher. In this context, the 5 years refer to a net period time, which does not include maternity leaves, parental leaves, or military service.

The position will be filled for a two-year term from 1 May 2021 (or as agreed). The position will be filled for a fixed term due to it pertaining to a specific project. A probationary period is applied to all new members of the staff.

The salary of the position is determined in accordance with the salary system of the Finnish universities. The salary comprises two components: a job requirement component and a personal performance component. In this position, the job requirement component is 2,967.84 euros/month, based on level 5 of the job requirement chart for teaching and research staff. The personal performance component can be a minimum of 6 % and a maximum of 50 % of the above-mentioned sum.At the beginning the salary will be 3 267,59 – 3 626,70 e.

Our requirements and expectations

– The successful candidate will hold a suitable doctoral degree.
– Good level of fluency in English (both written and spoken) is essential.
– Previous experience in preclinical work with small animal, especially neurosurgery or similar, or MR research is highly preferred, but not essential.

Your benefits

You will have access to the university’s staff benefits, including
– extensive occupational health care
– staff discount on lunch in our campus restaurants, as well as on a range of other services
– affordable sports services.

You will have an opportunity to work in an interesting role as part of our international, creative, participatory and inclusive academic community.

How to apply?

Submit your application by using our electronic application form no later than 14.4.2021 (by 24.00 hours Finnish time).

Please note that you must include the following appendices in your application:

– CV (http://www.tenk.fi/en/template-researchers-curriculum-vitae)
– list of publications (https://www.aka.fi/en/research-funding/apply-for-funding/how-to-apply-for-funding/az-index-of-application-guidelines2/list-of-publications/)
– motivation letter
– copies of your academic degree certificates / diplomas, and copies of certificates / diplomas relating to your language proficiency, if not indicated in the academic degree certificates/diplomas


For further information on the position, please contact Research Director Mikko Kettunen, +358 29 4454067, mikko.kettunen@uef.fi

For further information on the application procedure, please contact Human Resources Secretary Sari Zitting, +358 29 4454125, sari.zitting@uef.fi

University of Eastern Finland and the Faculty of Health Sciences in brief

The University of Eastern Finland is the most multidisciplinary university in Finland. We are home to 15,500 students and 2,700 staff members. Our research is ranked among the best in the world in several fields. We generate research-based knowledge and make it openly accessible for the benefit of all. UEF stands for action with impact that is relevant today and tomorrow. To learn more about our university please visit our website at http://www.uef.fi/en     

The Faculty of Health Sciences operates at the Kuopio Campus of the University of Eastern Finland. The Faculty offers education in medicine, dentistry, nutrition and pharmacy, as well as in some other central fields of the health care sector. The Faculty is research-intensive, and its internationally recognised research activities are closely linked to the strategic research areas of the University. There are approximately 3 100 degree students and about 580 PhD students in the Faculty. The faculty has 795 staff members. http://www.uef.fi/en/ttdk/etusivu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in molecular cell technology applications with cornea regeneration/ Tutkijatohtori molekulaarisen soluteknologian sovellukset sarveiskalvon kudosteknologiassa – Tampere University/University of Tampere

27.3.2021 | Avoimet työpaikat


Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences create a unique environment for multidisciplinary, inspirational and high-impact research and education. Our universities community has its competitive edges in technology, health and society. www.tuni.fi/en  

Professor Heli Skottman’s eye group develops novel human stem cell-based tools for the corneal and retinal repair through cell transplantation and ophthalmic in vitro tissue models that can be used to model human specific eye disorders. The research group was the first to create parts of human corneas using 3D bioprinting technology and currently group is developing this emerging technology with aim to 3D bioprint full-thickness human corneas for therapeutic applications with fight against cornea blindness.

Job description 

The post-doctoral position will focus on molecular and functional analyses of human stem cell derived corneal cells produced with innovative methods created by the group, in vitro ophthalmic disease modeling with these cells as well as molecular and functional characterization of novel 3D bioprinted corneal structures.

The candidate will gain expertise in working with multidisciplinary and international research area and supervision of younger researchers and students. The research group fully support also with establishment of independent research pathway in future.


We are seeking outstanding candidates who have a track record of internationally significant research in molecular cell biology. In addition, knowledge on human stem cells and eye tissue biology is preferred but not obligatory.

The suitable candidate has:

  • a doctoral degree 
  • an ability to independently conduct internationally significant research in the field with potential for excellence in research
  • strong methodological expertise with molecular cell biology
  • experience in collaborating with international scientific networks
  • communication skills needed to successfully perform the duties and functions of the position
  • proficiency in English

We offer 

We invite you to be a part of our research team as well as an active, internationally renowned research community at Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology. Tampere University and its higher education community offer a unique multidisciplinary environment for research and education. A trial period of six months (6) applies to all our new employees. The duration of this fixed-term position is two years. The aim is to fill the position from the beginning of August, 2021 but this can be negotiated.

Salaries are based on the job demands level and personal performance appraisal according to the Finnish University Salary System. Postdoctoral Researcher is placed on the job demands levels 5-6 (teaching and research staff category). In addition, salary includes a personal performance component. 

Finland offers one of the most advanced and comprehensive social security benefits in the world, including personal and family health care and a variety of family benefits. The Finnish educational system is renowned worldwide. For more information on Finland, please check InfoFinland and This is Finland.

Please read more about working at Tampere University. You can also find more information about us and working and living in Tampere by watching Tampere Higher Education Community – our academic playground

How to apply 

Please submit your application through our online recruitment system (link below). The closing date and time for applications is 10.5.2021 at 23:59 EEST / UTC+3.

Please write your application and all accompanying documents in English and attach them in PDF format. Applications should include the following documents: 

  1. Curriculum Vitae (according to Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity guidelines) 
  2. List of publications in international, peer-reviewed and indexed scientific journals  (according to the Academy of Finland guidelines). Please indicate your four most important publications and include hyperlinks to these publications. If the publications indicated are not found by link, please attach them to application as a separate PDF attachment.
  3. Cover letter explaining why you are applying to the position and why you would be particularly suited to it.  
  4. The names, positions and contact details (institutional email addresses) of two professional references who can support your application.

Candidates may be invited to a video interview during the recruitment process. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview. 

For more information about the position, please contact:

professor Heli Skottman, heli.skottman@tuni.fi; +358 50 3969645


Tampereen yliopisto ja Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu muodostavat korkeakouluyhteisön, joka uskoo ihmiseen ja tieteeseen. Tekniikan, terveyden ja yhteiskunnan huippuosaajat muuttavat maailmaa Suomen toiseksi suurimmassa monitieteisessä ja innostavassa tutkimus- ja oppimisympäristössä. www.tuni.fi 

Professori Heli Skottmanin silmätutkimusryhmä kehittää ihmisen kantasoluista uusia kudosteknologisia hoitomuotoja silmän verkkokalvon ja sarveiskalvon sairauksien ja vammojen hoitoon, sekä menetelmiä silmäsairauksien solubiologiseen mallintamiseen. Tutkimusryhmä on saavuttanut kansainvälistä mainetta mm. tutkimuksellaan, jossa he 3D biotulostivat ensimmäisenä maailmassa ihmisen sarveiskalvon uloimpia rakenteita. Parhaillaan tutkimusryhmä edelleen kehittää tätä teknologiaa ja heidän tavoitteenansa on hyödyntää sitä ihmisen sarveiskalvojen kliinisessä tuotannossa tulevaisuudessa. 


Tehtävään valittu tulee keskittymään tutkimuksessaan ihmisen kantasoluista tuotettujen sarveiskalvon solujen molekyylibiologisiin ja toiminnallisiin analyyseihin, in vitro tautimallinnukseen tuotettujen solujen avulla sekä 3D biotulostettujen sarveiskalvorakenteinen molekyylibiologisiin ja toiminnallisiin analyyseihin.

Tehtävässä saa tutkimuskokemusta monitieteisessä kansainvälisessä tutkimuksessa sekä kokemusta nuorenpien tutkijoiden sekä opiskelijoiden ohjauksessa. Tutkimusryhmä tarjoaa valitulle myös vahvan tuen oman tutkimusuran kehittämiseen tulevaisuudessa.


Etsimme erinomaisia hakijoita, joilla on vahva näyttö kansainvälisesti korkeatasoisesta tutkimuksesta molekulaarisen solubiologian alalta. Tämän lisäksi kokemus ihmisen kantasoluista sekä silmän kudosbiologiasta katsotaan eduksi, joskaan ei välttämättömäksi.

  • tohtorin tutkinto
  • kyky tehdä itsenäistä, kansainvälisesti merkittävää alan tutkimusta
  • vahvaa menetelmällistä osaamista molekulaarisessa solubiologiassa
  • kokemusta yhteistyöstä kansainvälisten tieteellisten verkostojen kanssa 
  • viestinnälliset taidot, joita tehtävän menestyksellinen hoitaminen edellyttää
  • hyvä englannin kielen taito

Lisätiedot ja hakuohjeet

Katso yllä olevasta englanninkielisestä ilmoituksesta tarkemmat tiedot tehtävästä sekä hakuohjeet. Hakuaika päättyy 10.5.2021 klo 23:59.Application period starts: 2021-03-25 14:00 Application period ends: 2021-05-10 23:59

Touchpoint Specialist, Customer journey – Blueprint Genetics

27.3.2021 | Avoimet työpaikat


Blueprint Genetics is a leading clinical genetic testing company aspiring to bring world-class genetic knowledge to mainstream healthcare. As our company continues to grow, we are looking for a Touchpoint Specialist to join our Customer Experience team in Keilaniemi, Espoo. This is a permanent, full-time position.

Job Description

Placing an order and receiving the final product are key touchpoints in the customer journey, and designing these processes will be the main focus for the new Touchpoint Specialist. In this position, you will play an important role in making sure we continue delivering the exceptional customer experience we offer today and developing it further. You will work on ordering and delivering touchpoint concepts, logistics, and development. You will update the global customer-facing teams about the new features as well as provide technical expertise that enables them to successfully introduce the touchpoints to our customers. Together with our CX & Brand team, you will co-create touchpoint-related content eg, printed and digital materials, product training presentations, website texts, and other touchpoint-related materials. You will suggest touchpoints enhancements to improve the customer experience by performing market and competitor analysis as well as collecting internal and external feedback. Ultimately, you act as the champion of our touchpoints.

Your main tasks will include:

  • Developing and maintaining the ordering and reporting touchpoints and processes together with CX, Client Services and Production Services, Sales, and Marketing
  • Using customer insights and market analysis to define touchpoints requirements
  • Working as a gatekeeper of the changes and maintenance of the steps of the buying journey
  • Ensuring order forms, kits and reports are on par with the CX/Brand promise (CX, scientific, quality and accessible)
  • Coordinating cross-functional projects and following up on tasks, schedules and targets during specific projects
  • Developing and implementing the ordering and reporting processes through service design thinking approach
  • Ensuring all work is performed in compliance with company policies/QMS including Privacy/HIPAA and other regulatory, legal, and safety requirements.

The ideal candidate has:

  • At least 2 years of work experience in a similar position, preferably in healthcare, service design or product management
  • Preferably MSc in Business, Marketing, Biosciences or other relevant fields of studies
  • Good understanding of the ordering and delivering processes of products and services
  • Desire to learn and understand the genetic testing market, the science behind it as well as the brand
  • Ability to reliably deliver multiple projects on strict deadlines with strong attention to detail and focus on quality
  • Research and analytical mindset with the ability to draw conclusions and turn them into concrete actions
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Adept at seeing change as an opportunity to improve business performance, and campaigning for it when necessary
  • Strong commercial design, marketing, presentation and project management skills, both verbal and written.
  • Strong collaboration and team-working skills and experience from a cross-functional role

We are looking for a colleague who is committed to finding the best solutions possible for our customers. Since this is a new team and position at Blueprint Genetics, we hope you are ready to take a holistic view on our customer journey and ownership of the tasks at hand. We are working in an international and high-growth work environment, so we aspire to find a person who has adaptability to change and eagerness to learn and grow with us.

What we offer

At Blueprint Genetics you will be a part of a global team of innovative, dynamic, and motivated people at the forefront of health and life sciences. We offer a chance to develop your skills further in a positive, low-hierarchy working environment. This new position provides a unique opportunity to help us in our mission to bring world-class genetic knowledge to mainstream healthcare.

If this sounds like you, take the next step and apply latest on Sunday, April 4. We will be interviewing candidates on a rolling basis.

If you have any further questions about the position, you can contact our Customer Experience Senior Manager, Thomas Vincent by email thomas.vincent@blueprintgenetics.com or by phone +358452262110 on Thursday, March 24 between 1 and 2 pm (EET) or Wednesday, March 31 between 1 and 2 pm.

Tut­ki­mus­tek­nik­ko / La­bo­ra­to­rio­koor­di­naat­to­ri /La­bo­ra­to­rioin­si­nöö­ri

27.3.2021 | Avoimet työpaikat


Biotekniikan instituutti (BI) on Helsingin yliopiston biotieteiden instituutin HiLIFE: n operatiivinen yksikkö. BI:n tehtävänä on edistää biotieteiden perustutkimusta ihmisten ja ympäristön hyödyksi. Huippututkimuksen lisäksi BI ylläpitää korkealaatuisia tutkimusinfrastruktuureja.

Helsingin yliopiston Biotekniikan Instituutin Proteomiikka yksikkö (Proteomics Unit) (https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/infrastructures/protein-proteome-network-hel…) hakee TUTKIMUSTEKNIKKOA / LABORATORIOKOORDINAATTORIA / LABORATORIOINSINÖÖRIÄ määräaikaiseen työsuhteeseen 1.5.2021 – 31.12.2023 (aloituspäivämäärä neuvoteltavissa).

Tutkimusryhmä hakee tutkimusteknikkoa/laboratoriokoordinaattoria/laboratorioinsinööriä avustamaan eri molekyylibiologian, biokemian ja proteomiikan tehtävissä sekä osallistumaan massaspektrometrian laitteistojen ylläpitoon, käyttöön ja menetelmien kehittämiseen. Lisäksi työtehtäviin kuuluu yleisiä laboratorion ylläpitotehtäviä. Työ on monipuolista ja tarjoaa oman osaamisen kehittämistä.

Tehtävään valittavalta henkilöltä toivomme kokemusta joissakin yllä mainituista osa-alueista. Lisäksi hänen tulee olla innostunut oppimaan uutta. Hakijalla tulee olla kykyä oma-aloitteiseen ja itsenäiseen työskentelyyn sekä hyvät organisointi- ja tiimityöskentelytaidot. Työ vaatii vuorovaikutustaitoja mm. ohjaus- ja opastustilanteissa, sekä hintaneuvotteluissa yritysten edustajien kanssa. Yksikön toiminta on kansainvälistä, joten edellytämme hyvää englannin kielen taitoa.

Soveltuvia tutkintoja tehtävän täyttöön ovat esimerkiksi laboratorioalan perustutkinto, insinöörin- tai maisterintutkinto. Tehtävän palkkaus perustuu yliopistojen palkkausjärjestelmän muun henkilöstön vaativuustasokartan tasoihin 6-9, riippuen henkilön koulutuksesta ja työkokemuksesta. Lisäksi maksetaan henkilökohtaiseen suoriutumiseen perustuva palkanosa. Tehtävässä on kuuden kuukauden koeaika.
Hakijoita pyydetään toimittamaan hakemuksensa yhtenä pdf-tiedostona, joka sisältää seuraavat liitteet:
– CV (sisältäen ainakin kahden suosittelijan yhteistiedot),
– motivaatiokirje (max. 1 sivu).

Hakemus liitteineen jätetään Helsingin yliopiston sähköiseen rekrytointijärjestelmään Hae työpaikkaa -linkistä. Helsingin yliopistoon työsuhteessa olevat sisäiset hakijat jättävät hakemuksensa SAP HR -portaalin kautta. Hakuaika päättyy 9.4.2021.

Lisätietoja antaa tutkimusjohtaja Markku Varjosalo, markku.varjosalo(at)helsinki.fi.