Technical assistant – Extracellular Vesicle group (Pia Siljander), Molecular and Integrative Biosciences research program, University of Helsinki


An enthusiastic and goal-oriented technical assistant is sought to the Extracellular Vesicle group of Pia Siljander in the Molecular and Integrative Biosciences research program, University of Helsinki, located in Viikki. Part of the project may also be carried out in the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland, Helsinki. Our laboratory, which also hosts a dedicated EV Core facility, specializes in cutting-edge EV technologies and research.

Projects and responsibilities

We have two ongoing interlinked projects funded by Business Finland where we need technical assistance for the development of EV isolation and analytical technologies and standardization. The laboratory work in project one involves testing of a new technology to carry out high-throughput isolations of EVs from plasma by testing different conditions, plate formats and automatization in comparison to existing methods. The quality of the isolates will be evaluated by EV methodologies (including flow cytometry), through omics testing and usual molecular biology methods. The work also involves analysis of EV samples originating in the second project by the technologies available in the EV group and core and through the other project participants. This project also develops standardization for flow cytometry and materials for standardization.


A successful candidate has good skills in the essential molecular biology, cell culture and biochemistry techniques, e.g. Western blotting and working with multi-well assays. We value prior experience in flow cytometry, data management and data analysis. The successful candidate has an active approach to addressing lab needs, keeps meticulous records of the experimentation and is a dedicated team player with excellent self-management skills.

Salary, applications and contact information

Position will be available 10.2.-31.12.2020. The start date can be set according to agreement, but preference will be given to candidates who can start as early as possible. Salary will be based on the University salary scheme depending on the degree/work experience.

Position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Applications should have a cover letter describing the qualifications of the candidate, CV and two references from past employment and be sent to maija.puhka@helsinki.fi and pia.siljander@helsinki.fi.