Two tenure track positions in Tampere University (vaccines, immunology)


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Tampere ImmunoExcellence (TIE) is a multidisciplinary platform for vaccine-related immunobiology and public health research at Tampere University. TIE creates a dynamic, interdisciplinary research environment for strong preclinical, clinical and postlicensure vaccine-related research, including breakthroughs in understanding the immune system and evaluating the population impact of vaccination programs. 

The tenure track position with a focus in immunobiology research will be affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, MET. The position with a focus in public health research will be affiliated with the Health Sciences Unit (HES) in the Faculty of Social Sciences, SOC.

We are seeking outstanding candidates who have a track record of internationally significant research in the TIE platform focus areas, such as immunobiology, immunomodulators, clinical vaccine research and, vaccine-related public health research. However, the specific area of research focus is open.

More  information and application at https://tuni.rekrytointi.com/paikat/index.php?jid=360&key=&o=A_RJ&rspvt=bl20yiqzppcggkoss8sgkcosw0c4gws

The closing date for applications is 2.12.2019 (at 23.59 EEST, GMT+3 / 20.59 UTC).