Postdoctoral Researcher in Bioengineering and Stem Cell Biology

12.11.2022 | Avoimet työpaikat

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Open position for a Postdoctoral researcher in Bioengineering and Stem Cell Biology

The laboratory of Professor Pekka Katajisto at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Institute of Biotechnology, HiLIFE at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, is looking for a postdoctoral researcher with bioengineering background to study effects of the extracellular niche on stem cell function.

Katajisto group (www.katajisto-lab.com) is part of the Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism, MetaStem, and studies stem cell extrinsic and intrinsic mechanisms of tissue renewal and aging. We have for example discovered how age-induced alterations in the stem cell niche reduce tissue repair (Pentinmikko, Nature 2019, Science Advances 2022; Iqbal, BioRxiv 2021), and how cellular metabolism drives cell fate decisions after asymmetric cell divisions (Katajisto, Science 2015; D hla, Nat Cell Biol 2022)

We seek postdoctoral researchers to an ERC-funded project probing how the geometry of the niche influences cell fate decisions using bioengineered scaffolds to modify tissue topology. The project involves development of novel research techniques and assays, and will be facilitated by state-of-the art maskless photolithography instrumentation dedicated to the project.

Applicants with a doctoral degree, and a strong background in tissue/bioengineering or biotechnology are encouraged to apply. The position includes research and experimental work as well as setting up, maintaining, and running instruments used to develop 3D scaffolds for tissue regeneration and stem cell studies. Experience with cell biology, tissue culture or stem cells is considered a benefit. Candidates are also encouraged to start new projects and research directions. Applicants must be able to work as part of a team as well as independently, have good social skills and communication skills in English.

The appointment will be for 3 years with the possibility of continuation. A trial period of 6 months will be applied. The monthly starting salary will be determined according to the salary system at the employment unit.

Only applications submitted through the official application systems will be considered.

To apply, please submit your application by 16.12.2022

Applications should include

  • A motivation letter, clearly stating your interests and why you consider yourself a good candidate for the position
  • CV including publication list
  • One or more reference letters

Questions related to the call should be directed to tiina.aliranta@helsinki.fi. Please submit your application, together with the required attachments, through the University of Helsinki electronic recruitment system by clicking on the Apply for job button below. Internal applicants (i.e., current employees of the University of Helsinki) submit their applications through the SAP Fiori portal.

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