12 Early Stage Researcher Positions (for PhD studies) for MSCA-ITN Project “CAPICE”


CAPICE: general description

In this ambitious and inspiring network, 12 Early Stage Researches (ESRs; PhD-level training) will be trained in the broad field of psychiatric genomics, investigating the role of genetics and epigenetics, and their interplay with the environment, in the development and persistence of childhood and adolescent psychopathology. Through biological pathway analyses, drug target validation and the building of prediction models, these results will ultimately be translated to the clinic. Analyses will be performed in large international collaborations, making use of the wealth of data available across a range of European birth and adolescent cohorts.

ESRs will be supervised by leaders in the field located at institutions across Europe in Italy (University of Cagliari), The Netherlands (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, University of Twente), Sweden (Karolinska Institute, Gøthenburg University, Janssen Pharmaceutical) and the UK (Imperial College London, King’s College London, University of Bristol). At the end of this project the ESRs will be part of a broad international network consisting of academic and non-academic partners.

Candidates with a background in statistical genetics, bioinformatics, psychology, psychiatry or neuroscience are invited to apply.

More information at http://academicpositions.eu/ad/capice/2017/12-early-stage-researcher-positions-for-phd-studies-for-msca-itn-project-capice/97232

Application deadline: 1.3.2017