A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position is available in the Tumor Microenvironment Lab at Institut Curie-Orsay, University Paris-Sud

A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position is available from Jan/Feb 2018 in the Tumor Microenvironment Lab at Institut Curie-Orsay (INSERM U1021, CNRS UMR3347, University
Paris-Sud), in Paris in the fields of glioblastoma and vascular biology.
The Institut Curie Research Center (https://institut-curie.org/profil/researchers) is a world-class multidisciplinary organization created in 1909 by Nobel Laureate Marie Curie bringing together France’s largest center in cancer research and a model hospital group dedicated entirely to the care of cancer patients. The institute is ranked in the top 1% by International Science Index. The scientists of Institut Curie laboratories have access to several state-of-art core facilities (such as functional genomics, proteomics, cellular and in vivo imaging, radiotherapy, bioinformatics, animal house and many others; https://institut-curie.org/page/platforms)
Glioblastoma is the most deadly type of human cancer. Recurrence is supposedly mostly caused by the regrowth of highly invasive cells spreading from the tumor bulk, which are not removed by resection. To develop therapeutic approaches, we need to better understand the underlying molecular mechanism of radioresistance and tumor spreading in glioblastoma.
I am looking for outstanding postdoctoral cell biologists with interest in, and ideally some experience of, brain tumors and radiobiology. I am also interested in applicants with experience in vascular biology or stem cells. This ATIP-Avenir funded project will give you the opportunity to extensively use in vivo experimental models and learn intravital microscopy. These studies will be supplemented with in vitro and ex vivomodels.
I am fresh of a 5-year postdoc experience in Harvard Medical School and, after publishing the results from my projects (in press), I am now opening a new laboratory in Institut Curie.
Consequently, there are several unique features of this postdoctoral opportunity:
1. Starting at ground zero with an enthusiastic Junior Group Leader and an experienced technician
in the outstanding environment of Institut Curie.
2. The goal of publishing good and comprehensive papers in high impact journals.
3. Basic science approaches to address clinically relevant issues in conjunction with clinician
4. I have in depth appreciation of academic, clinics and industry.
5. You will be in an international-friendly laboratory (mainly English speaking).
Cover letter, CV and contacts for references may be directed to Dr. Giorgio Seano (giorgioseano@gmail.com).