Early stage graduate student positions on state-of-the-art infection research at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki


Two positions available at the Faculty of Medicine to study the role of microbes and microbial infections in blood malignancies. Both positions provide ample opportunities to develop expertise on next-generation sequencing -based diagnostics, computational genomics, and infectious diseases together with the top national clinicians, haematologists, bioinformaticians, microbiologists, and geneticists.

Particularly, we are looking for:

1) A student with a good knowledge on wet laboratory techniques and enthusiasm to develop advanced sample preparation solutions for the analysis of complex hostmicrobe samples. The candidate has a background in microbiology, biotechnology, or genetics, and is familiar with the major wet-laboratory techniques in molecular biology. He or she can design and conduct laboratory experiments independently and has interest in developing skills in the analysis of giga-size biodata available in the laboratory. Prior work experience in a research laboratory is an advantage as well as experience in working with RNA, DNA, and/or clinical/human samples.

2) A student with experience in bioinformatics and/or analysis of large-scale biodata. The candidate has a background in bioinformatics, computer science, engineering, or genetics and masters fluently at least one of the following: Python, Perl, R, C++, or Java. The applicant has a proven ability to operate in Linux environment and is interested in developing computational solutions for the integrated analysis of genetic and clinical data and sequencing-based analysis of host-microbe infections. Experience in parallel programming and machine learning is an asset as is prior work experience on analysis of next generation sequencing data and/or large biodata collections.

Both candidates must have good skills in written and spoken English. They should apply critical thinking, have a proactive mindset, and enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team. They should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and are expected to communicate results to diverse audiences. The positions are funded by project grants from the Academy of Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation / Business Finland, and The Finnish Cultural Foundation. The appointments are initially for 6 months with a possibility of extension.

For further information, please contact Dr. Teija Ojala (teija.ojala(at)helsinki.fi) or Dr. Matti Kankainen (matti.kankainen(at)helsinki.fi). To apply for the position, please send your motivation letter and CV, including a list of publications and contact information for two references to Dr. Kankainen.

Applications will be reviewed and considered as they are received. Application deadline is 24.03.2019.