Neuroimaging scientist, in vivo two-photon microscopy – Neurotar Oy Ltd



About the job

Jump-start your neuroimaging career in the industry! Neurotar is looking for an academic neuroscientist to strengthen our contract research (CRO) team.

Neurotar is a pioneer and a leading provider of in vivo two-photon brain imaging in mice as a service for preclinical CNS drug developers. Our clients are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from Europe, North America, and Asia. Our in vivo imaging assays help them to quantify dendritic spine turnover, calcium dynamics, microglia activation, Amyloid plaque formation, blood-brain barrier (BBB) integrity, trans-BBB pharmacokinetics, and other essential readouts of brain health and disease. At Neurotar we can also image the brains of awake, behaving mice using our proprietary Mobile HomeCage.

Our CRO business is growing, and we are looking for an experienced in vivo brain imaging specialist. Come strengthen our small, friendly, and incredibly dynamic team! You’ll get a chance to participate in cutting-edge translational neuroscience research using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. You will be involved in a variety of project tasks and, as the main scientific lead on the project, you will quickly develop operational autonomy.


  • PhD in neuroscience;
  • Extensive experience in in vivo imaging of rodent brain;
  • Cranial window implantation, mouse handling, and behavioral assessment skills;
  • Strong image and data analysis skills (familiarity with Fiji/ImageJ, Bitplane Imaris; experience with Python or R, GraphPad Prism or Microcal Origin);
  • Advanced user of Office Excel, PowerPoint, Word;
  • Certification for animal (rodent) work;
  • Language requirements: fluent English;
  • Personal qualities: integrity, teamwork, flexibility, hands-on approach.

Your job

As part of the contract research team at Neurotar, you are involved in the entire project cycle: from planing the experiments through interaction with the clients, to execution (cranial window implantation, in vivo two-photon imaging, data analysis), to drafting the report and presenting it to the client. While you are expected to take lead in the project, the contract research team is there to help you out, especially in the beginning. In addition, you will aid in the marketing and product development projects.

We offer

  • A hands-on job where you perform a variety of tasks in the lab and outside of it;
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology;
  • An opportunity to work with industrial neuroscientists looking for unconventional means of addressing the most pressing societal needs such as neurodegeneration, pain and mental disorders;
  • Competitive base salary, private medical insurance;
  • Working in a small, dynamic team, in an informal and friendly work environment;
  • High level of autonomy;
  • Living and working in the happiest country on earth.

How to apply

Please send a CV (with a publication list), a short motivational letter, and your salary expectations to recruitment@neurotar.com. The deadline for application is February 18, 2022, but we will fill the position as soon as we find a suitable candidate.