PhD candidate position available in gerontology at University of Jyväskylä


Faculty of Sport Sciences, University of Jyväskylä (JYU) in collaboration with the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki (UH) is seeking outstanding PhD student candidates in gerontology starting in March 2019, or by agreement (https://www.jyu.fi/sport/en/phd-student-candidate-position-available-in-gerontology ).

The Juho Vainio Foundation funded project ”The Role of Lifestyles, Socio-economic and Prosperity of Childhood and Youth in Biological Aging” is led by University Researcher Dr Elina Sillanpää. The project is based on the Finnish twin cohort and the Estrogen, Menopause and Functional Ability (ERMA) research material with epigenetic clocks for biological age available.

The Doctoral Student is responsible for carrying out the thesis related work and reporting of the findings in scientific journals, and completion of the studies required for the Doctoral Thesis. The work will be supervised by the project leader Dr Elina Sillanpää, JYU, and Academy Research Fellow Miina Ollikainen, FIMM, UH. During the four years of doctoral training, the PhD candidate is expected to work in both the Faculty of Sport Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä and the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland at the University of Helsinki.

Qualifications and experience:

Candidates are expected to have a second cycle academic degree (MSc, MD or equivalent) in statistics, bioinformatics, sports sciences, health sciences, biotechnology, molecular biology, computer science, mathematics, medicine, or other related fields. Experience in laboratory work and/or statistical modelling and methods is highly appreciated. The successful candidate will have good problem solving, troubleshooting, and analytical skills. 

The selected person must fulfill the qualifications for Doctoral studies set by JYU, and apply for study right from the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, JYU. Doctoral Students are required to have a good command of the English language. Proficiency in Finnish is required for teaching and research positions of the University of Jyväskylä. However, according to Finnish law, a non-native university teaching and research staff member may be granted an exemption from the Finnish language proficiency requirement. Students who are finalizing their master’s studies are also permitted to apply.

The Doctoral student will first start on a research grant (1900€/month, including statutory pension insurance). The length of the grant period is negotiable. After a successful review of the PhD plan, an official appointment to a Doctoral Student position at the University of Jyväskylä will be made. The Doctoral Student’s salary is based on the salary system for teaching and research staff at Finnish universities. At the moment funding can be guaranteed for the first three years of PhD work.

To apply, applicants should submit the following materials prepared in English or Finnish:

  1. Cover/motivation letter describing motivation and research interests and how these match this thesis project, relevant merits, and the names and contact details for 1-2 referees.
  2. CV or resume prepared in accordance with good scientific practice, and if possible, by following the template for researcher’s CV (see TENK Guidelines).
  3. Degree diplomas and a copy of the study transcripts
  4. Other documents the applicant considers beneficial, for example publications and/or project reports

Candidates are invited to submit their application to Elina Sillanpää, PO Box 35 (VIV) 40014 University of Jyväskylä at no later than February 15th 2019.

For further information of the position, please contact Elina Sillanpää, elina.sillanpaa@jyu.fi or Miina Ollikainen, miina.ollikainen@helsinki.fi.

For further information, visit