PhD position at the Institute of Biomedicine, University of Turku

Taimen laboratory, at the Institute of Biomedicine, University of Turku, is looking for a highly motivated graduate student with a background in medicine, biology or biochemistry to join the research group on short notice. The deadline for this application is October 12, 2017 or until the position is filled.
Taimen Lab focuses on nuclear intermediate filaments called lamins and in particular, lamin mutations which cause inherited cardiac diseases such as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). So far, we have characterized the pathological effects of mutant lamin using molecular and cellular models. We now move into studying the disease in vivo. We have already generated a Drosophila strain expressing the mutant lamin and preliminary validated the phenotype on fruit fly. Additionally, we are in the process of acquiring a knock-in mouse strain carrying the lamin mutation. These models will allow us to study the molecular mechanisms of DCM in more detail and provide opportunities to test small molecular drugs to inhibit the effects of mutant lamin in vivo.
The recruited doctoral candidate will be characterizing the existing Drosophila model and the underlying molecular mechanisms. Furthermore, the candidate will participate in investigating the phenotype of the mouse model in the future. The work will include cell culture, molecular biology, histology, high resolution imaging and fruit fly and mouse handling. Any previous experience on aforementioned techniques is beneficial but not mandatory for the applicant.
The project is supported by the grant from the Academy of Finland (project funding 2017-2021), Sigrid Juselius Foundation (2017-2019) and Turku University hospital ERVA-funding.
Applications containing a motivation letter (max. 1 page), CV with list of publications (max. 2 pages) and contact information of max. 3 references should be sent as a single pdf to: pekka.taimen@utu.fi
Please further information please contact:
Pekka Taimen, MD, PhD, Adjunct professor in pathology Department of Pathology, University of Turku Kiinamyllynkatu 8-10, 20520 Turku
email: pekka.taimen@utu.fi
tel. 02-3131693
Related publications:
West G, Gullmets J, Virtanen L, Li SP, Keinänen A, Shimi T, Mauermann M, Heliö T, Kaartinen M, Ollila L, Kuusisto J, Eriksson JE, Goldman RD, Herrmann H, Taimen P (2016). Deleterious assembly of the lamin A/C mutant p.S143P causes ER stress in familial dilated cardiomyopathy. Journal of Cell Science 129:2732-43.
Alastalo TP, West G, Li SP, Keinänen A, Helenius M, Tyni T, Lapatto R, Turanlahti M, Heikkilä P, Kääriäinen H, Laakso M, Mauermann M, Herrmann H, Pihkala J, Taimen P (2015). LMNA Mutation c.917T>G (p.L306R) Leads to Deleterious Hyper-Assembly of Lamin A/C and Associates with Severe Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy and Premature Aging. Human Mutation 36:694–703.
Taimen, P., Pfleghaar, K., Shimi, T., Möller, D., Ben-Harush, K., Erdos, M.R., Adam, S.A., Herrmann, H., Medalia, O., Collins, F.S., Goldman, A. and Goldman, R.D. (2009). A Progeria Mutation Reveals Functions for Lamin A in Nuclear Assembly, Architecture and Chromosome Organization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106, 20788-20793.
Pekka Taimen, M.D., Ph.D.
Consulting Pathologist
Department of Pathology
University of Turku and Turku University Hospital Kiinamyllynkatu 10
20520 Turku
tel.(+358)-2-313 1693
mobile. (+358)-50-381 3468