Postdoctoral Researcher- HUS Helsingin yliopistollinen sairaala



About the job

We are looking for an excellent Postdoctoral Candidate to work in the field of rheumatic diseases in a HORIZON-EUROPE Consortium.

The position will be at the Helsinki University, Faculty of Medicine, research program unit TRIMM, Helsinki Rheumatic Diseases and Inflammation Research Group led by Professor Kari Eklund. We are located at Meilahti Campus. You will be part of multidisciplinary team in 4-year HORIZON-EUROPE Consortium project composed of top leading universities in Europe starting in January 2023.

HORIZON-EUROPE Consortium ENDOTARGET project, the main aim is to explore the relationship between gut microbiota, intestinal permeability, and systemic endotoxemia (SE). Further we aim to understand their role as drivers of disease onset and disease activity in osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and spondylarthritis (SpA). as well as targets of preventive and therapeutic approaches. We will study the events leading to disease onset by taking advantage of geographically diverse large cohorts of people with available blood and feces samples with extended follow up times before and after the onset of the diseases of interest.

Your main research objectives/activities, with emphasis on computational analysis of quantitative data, will include: (1) To explore the role of intestinal permeability in development of systemic endotoxemia (SE) and in the risk of RA, SpA, and OA.; (2) To discover novel biomarkers and proteomic profiles for intestinal dysbiosis, SE, and RA, SpA and OA; (3) To characterize the inflammatory and metabolic effects of diverse gut-derived LPS/bacteria on cells of the synovial joint; (4) Quantification and structural characterization of LPS in serum and synovial fluid of RA and OA patients

The Consortium: Coordinator HUS Helsinki University Hospital (Finland), University of Helsinki (Finland), University of Tartu, University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”, University of Lisbon (Portugal), Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela Foundation (Spain), Technical University of Vienna (Austria), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) (Switzerland), Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (Switzerland), European Biomedical Research Institute of Salerno (Italy), NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH (Germany), Steinbeis 2i GmbH (Germany).

We offer you a motivating working environment in a multidisciplinary research group, supervisors who are ready to guide you in your journey to an independent researcher. You will work along with other researchers of the Helsinki Rheumatic Diseases & Inflammation Group, and our extensive international collaboration network with profound knowledge of the latest state-of-the-art analysis methods, clinical and animal studies, along with bioinformatics and computational modeling. The lab research funders include Horizon Europe, Academy of Finland, Jane & Aatos Erkko Foundation, HUS, Orton, and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The appointment will be for 3 years with the possibility of continuation. A trial period of 6 months will be applied. The salary level is fixed to departmental levels based on Helsinki University Hospital career stages based on job requirement scheme.

The ideal candidate has a PhD degree in a life science-related computational or epidemiological field. The ideal applicant should have strong computational skills with experience of biomarker epidemiology, and genomic and proteomics applications. Proficiency in at least one common statistical programming language (e.g. R or Python) is required. Experience in prediction model development is a strong merit. If you have not received your PhD degree graduated yet, you should obtain your PhD degree during the Spring 2023. The earliest anticipated starting date is 15th April 2023 and applicants being able to start the project earlier may have an advantage in the selection process.

Application should be sent to recruit.rheuma.helsinki@gmail.com

Please, provide the following as separate documents along with your application:

  • 1-page motivation letter specific to this call
  • CV with list of publications
  • Your PhD thesis
  • List of references and/or reference letters

For more information, please contact postdoctoral researchers goncalo.barreto(a)helsinki.fi and katariina.nurmi(a)helsinki.fi. To learn more about our lab, please visit our webpage

The call is open until 15th April, 2023 and all applications will be reviewed within 10 days of the closing date, when the chosen candidates will receive an invitation to an interview.