Postgraduate scientist for a cell therapy research project, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service



Finnish Red Cross Blood Service has a strategic interest in the development of novel cell therapeutics. Presently, mesenchymal stromal cells and keratinocytes are being manufactured at the Advanced Cell Therapy Centre for treatment of patients.

We are now looking for a cell biologist/biochemist to a research project focusing on CAR T cell technology. The project may lend itself to a PhD project.

The research project is planned to encompass four years and is funded with competetive research grants. The existing funding covers the first year, and continued grants will be applied for. The desired starting date of the project is in March/April 2018.

The research project is conducted in collaboration with research groups from the University of Helsinki. Your work involves planning the research, carrying out experiments and interpreting and reporting the results. You will operate within research groups that collaborate on developing novel CAR T cell technologies.

You have a suitable university degree and strong experience of cell culture experiments. Experience of immunology and molecular biology will be helpful. The work requires a self-driven and motivated scientist with previous experience of research. Collaboration and communication skills are also important. Describe in your application the experimental techniques that you master, and how long your experience in these techniques is, as well as your motivation for academic research.

For more information please contact: 
•    Matti Korhonen, Senior Medical Officer: matti.korhonen@veripalvelu.fi, tel. +358 50 396 9450 (telephone time January 5th, 13.00–15.00 and January 10th, 9.00–10.30),
•    Pilvi Maliniemi, PhD: pilvi.maliniemi@veripalvelu.fi, +358 44 261 4646 (telephone time January 2nd 10.00-11.00 ja January 10th 13.00-14.00) or
•    Topi Tervonen, PhD: topi.tervonen@helsinki.fi

Please submit your application by January 17th 2018 via this link.