Senior / Post-doctoral Scientists (Cancer and Immunotherapy) – Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy (KCT)



Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy (KCT) is a world-renowned research institute located in Kuopio, Finland. Our mission is to conduct high-level research on basic and translational fields of gene- and cell therapy. The center’s niche is in the interface between academic research and the commercial biotechnology industry. KCT provides an exciting environment for applied research, discovering, establishing and developing them through Phase I clinical trials and utilizing some of the most advanced analytical and mechanistic proof-of-principle approaches in the sector.

We are seeking for two enthusiastic, highly motivated and skilled candidates with a background in disease or tumor biology, immunology and biomarker research for Senior Scientist (post-doctoral) role in Immunotherapy Program in Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy. Successful candidates will have an opportunity to work in one or more of the areas as project manager: T cell and NK cell biology, tumor microenvironment and/or discovery of novel tumor targets. The candidate will contribute to the projects experimentally and scientifically, provide his/her expertise, take-leading role in internal reporting and continue in a laboratory-focused role. The candidate will have a proven track record of scientific productivity and ability to participate in multidisciplinary and innovative research. The individual will participate in strategic discussions, national and international collaborations and coordinate project activities.

The selected candidates will be focused in work leading to the development of novel immunotherapies. The responsibilities include:

  • Effectively collaborate within the research center and national/international collaborators.
  • Lead the design and implementation experimentation.
  • Supervise young scientists and technicians working in the project.
  • Generate, analyze and interpret data. Demonstrate a high level of initiative in troubleshooting experiments and accurate data analysis. Objectively interpret data and provide conclusions regarding project results and direction.
  • Actively report research results and novelties in the field.

Qualifications: PhD in immunology, molecular/cell biology, cancer biology, pharmaceutical sciences or biomarker discovery OR MSc with at least 10 years of relevant experience. Knowledge on high-throughput experimentation and large data analysis is positively evaluated. Strong hands-on technical skills (e.g. primary cell isolation and culture, flow cytometry, live cell imaging) and reporting in research. Ability to multitask, manage and develop complex projects. Effective written and spoken English language skills. Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills.

We offer an inspiring multicultural environment, constructed of our enthusiastic, highly skilled and experienced personnel in gene and cell therapy. Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy has established working links with the gene and cell therapy manufacturer FinVector, the A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, the University of Eastern Finland, the National Laboratory Animal Center, and Kuopio University Hospital. These are situated on the same Kuopio health science focused campus, the capability of which to undertake gene and cell therapy research is made complete by the presence of the office of the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea). Finland has been ranked as the happiest country in the world and vibrant Kuopio, is rated as Finland’s best city to live in. It offers a safe living environment, friendly atmosphere and clean nature.

More information Cell Therapy Unit Director Tuija Kekarainen (tel. +358405376603 or tuija.kekarainen@kct.fi) and HR Director Johanna Pirinen (Johanna.pirinen@kct.fi). 

Please send your application before 20th May 2019.