Several postdoctoral positions are available in cell / developmental / vascular biology in the group of Taija Mäkinen at Uppsala University

Post docs in cell / developmental / vascular biology
Several postdoctoral positions are available in the group of Taija Mäkinen at Uppsala University. The lab studies fundamental mechanisms of tissue morphogenesis in the vascular system. The aim is to understand how endothelial cells communicate with each other and the tissue environment to co-ordinate vascular morphogenesis and formation of functionally specialized blood and lymphatic vessel types. To do so, the group utilises advanced mouse genetic tools and state-of-the-art cell and molecular biology techniques (including single cell RNA sequencing, flow cytometry, confocal, light-sheet and super-resolution microscopy). For more details about the group’s research please see: http://www.makinenlab.com/
Selected recent publications from the laboratory:
Zhang et al, Nat Commun 2018; Frye et al, Nat Commun 2018; Zhang et al, Development 2018; Wang et al, Development 2017; Martina-Almedina et al, J Clin Invest 2016; Martinez-Corral et al, Circ Res 2015; Stanczuk et al, Cell Rep 2015; Tatin et al, Dev Cell 2013; Lutter et al, J Cell Biol 2012; Bazigou et al, J Clin Invest 2011.
Work description:
The selected candidate(s) will work on one of the following topics: 1) functional characterisation of tissue-specific lymphatic endothelial progenitor cells (as part of an ERC-funded project), 2) identification and functional characterisation of vascular-bed specific genes, or 3) elucidation of disease mechanisms in vascular malformations. In addition, one position will be in collaboration with the group of Ingvar Ferby at Uppsala University (http://www.imbim.uu.se/forskargrupper/cancer/ferby-ingvar/), exploring how vesicular trafficking and compartmentalisation of growth factor receptors instruct behaviour of epithelial and endothelial cells using e.g. live-cell imaging approaches.
We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a PhD and research background in molecular or cell biology, developmental biology or biochemistry, and a proven track record of successful scientific work. Strong background in molecular/cell biology, mouse genetics, flow cytometry and/or imaging is required.
How to apply:
To apply, please send your CV together with the names of three references and a short description of yourself and the motivation to join the group to: taija.makinen@igp.uu.se
The position is open until 28 December 2018, or until suitable candidate(s) is found.