European Training Network on targeted cancer therapy: Call for applications: November 4th – December 31st 2019


The Marie-Sklodowska-Curie European Training Network Magicbullet-Reloaded will develop and employ approaches for selective, targeted delivery of a panel of anticancer drugs for directed tumor therapy. The ETN will recruit 15 highly talented early stage researchers (ESR) who will be involved in all stages of drug development, ranging from Synthetic Chemistry over Medicinal Chemistry to Tumor Biology and Assay Development in a highly cross-linked, inter-sectoral research network between academia and industry. This network warrants cutting-edge interdisciplinary education, supplemented by a well-balanced and tailor-made training in transferable soft skills, directly focussed on the demands and needs of each individual researcher.

More information at http://www.finbionet.fi/Magicbullet_Reloaded.pdf