Solubiologian Gradu- tai harjoittelupaikka Jyväskylässä

19.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista

Etsitään solubiologiasta kiinnostunutta gradutyöntekijää ja/tai harjoittelijaa tutkimusprojektiin, jonka aiheena on HDL:n vaikutus soluhengitykseen. Projekti toteutetaan yhteistyössä prof. Heikki Kainulaisen (Jyväskylän yliopisto, Liikuntabiologia) ja tutkimusjohtaja Matti Jauhiaisen (Lääketieteellinen tutkimuslaitos Minerva, Helsinki) tutkimusryhmien kanssa ja työt tehdään Jyväskylän yliopiston liikunta- ja terveyslaboratoriossa (jäähallin ja hipposhallin välissä Hippoksella).

Projektissa pääsee tutustumaan mm. soluviljelymenetelmiin HDL:n eristykseen verinäytteestä ultrasentrifugaatiolla sekä käsiteltyjen solujen analysointiin esim. niiden soluhengitystä mittaamalla (high resolution respirometry).

Päävastuu työsi ohjauksesta on allekirjoittaneella, mutta myös muilta laboratoriossa työskenteleviltä tutkijoilta saat apua ja ohjausta. Projektin avulla saat käsityksen työskentelystä useamman projektin yhteisessä laboratoriossa, kokemusta useasta biotieteiden alalla käytössä olevasta tutkimusmenetelmästä ja käytännön kokemuksen tieteenteosta.

Sinulta odotetaan laboratoriossa työskentelyn perustaitoja, soluviljelykurssilla opittavia taitoja ja kykyä itsenäiseen työskentelyyn.

Projektin voi aloittaa jo syksyllä, mutta kokeellinen osa toteutuu pääosin kevään aikana.

Mikäli kiinnostuit, ota yhteyttä.

Maarit Lehti, FT
Rautpohjankatu 8
40700 Jyväskylä


040 550 3515

The research group “Host-Pathogen-Microbiota Interaction” (HOPI) at the Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based infection research (HIRI) is offering a PhD position “Bacterial RNA biology in the gut microbiota”

17.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista
The research group “Host-Pathogen-Microbiota Interaction” (HOPI) of Jun. Prof. Alexander J. Westermann at the Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based infection research (HIRI) in Würzburg (Germany) is offering a PhD position “Bacterial RNA biology in the gut microbiota”
The Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI) has been established in May 2017 as joint venture between the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) and the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg (JMU). Located on the Würzburg medical campus, it is the first research institution worldwide to exclusively address the role of ribonucleic acids (RNAs) in infection processes. Based on these findings, the HIRI will pioneer an integrative approach to exploit the vast potential of RNAs as a diagnostic molecule, target and drug for new strategies to combat infectious diseases. For further information, please visit: www.helmholtz-hiri.de or www.helmholtz-hzi.de/hiri.
Project description:
The HIRI is recruiting a doctoral student to identify and characterize noncoding RNAs and RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) in anaerobic bacterial members of the mammalian gut microbiota. The project will rely on microbiological and cell-culture techniques, CRISPR interference screening, RNA-seq approaches, and the mechanistic characterization of the resulting RNA and RBP candidates using bacterial genetics and a variety of biochemical approaches. More information on current research themes in the research group can be found as part of Jun. Prof. Westermann’s profile on the HZI website.
The successful applicant will work in the dynamic environment of the HIRI in Würzburg, which is part of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (https://www.helmholtz-hzi.de/en/). The selected applicant will further be embedded within the highly successful structured doctoral training program of the Graduate School Life Sciences (GSLS) Würzburg (http://www.graduateschools.uni-wuerzburg.de/life-sciences/doctoral-researchers/ ).
Further reading:
• Westermann et al. (2016) Nature 529:496-501
• Westermann & Barquist et al. (2017) Plos Pathog 13(2):e1006033
• Hör, Gorski, Vogel (2018) Mol Cell S1097-2765(17)30980-2
• Master’s Degree/Diploma in molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, biotechnology, bioinformatics or a related field
• Basic practical molecular biological, biochemical and/or microbiological skills
• Previous experience in infection biology, bacteriology or RNA biology
• Strong written and spoken English language communication skills
• Ability to work independently and as part of an international team
• A strong desire to do research, enthusiastic, creative and highly self-motivated
Desired (non-essential) background:
• Previous experience working with large-scale biological data sets, particularly RNA-seq and/or CRISPRi data
• Familiarity with the microbiome
• Knowledge of a scripting language (Python, Perl, etc.) and R
Equally well-qualified disabled applicants will be given preference. The HIRI expressly invites women to apply.
Starting date: November 15, 2018 – Initial term 1 year, with the possibility of an extension of additional 2 years –
Place of work: Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI)
Josef-Schneider-Straße 2, 97080 Würzburg, Germany
Salary: TVöD E13 (50%) with the possibility of an additional payment of 10%
Probation period: 6 months
Published: September 11, 2018
Closing date: October 14, 2018
Application: Applicants are required to complete the online application form here:
https://hzi.opencampus.net/  (Please refer to the job number 64/2018).
For more details regarding the PhD project, please contact Jun. Prof. Alexander J. Westermann via E-Mail: alexander.westermann@helmholtz-hiri.de


PhD position available at the Translational Cancer Biology Program in the Research Programs Unit of the Faculty of Medicine in University of Helsinki

17.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista
PhD thesis position with a possibility to start with MSc (Pro Gradu) project is available in the research group led by Academy of Finland Research Fellow Dr. Saara Ollila. The project focuses in the functional and molecular interactions between gastrointestinal epithelial, stromal and neuronal cells during homeostasis and in carcinogenesis. The model systems and methods include cell and primary organoid culture as well as in vivo models and molecular biology methods.
The group belongs to the Translational Cancer Biology Program in the Research Programs Unit of the Faculty of Medicine in University of Helsinki. This strong and established cancer research environment provides an excellent opportunity for interactions with top level national and international researchers and clinicians. 
We offer a position in a young, active and teamwork-oriented group in an excellent research environment. We are looking for a motivated student of molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, or related. Advantageous areas of interests and experience include molecular biology, cell culture, mouse models, bioinformatics and image analysis.
To apply, please send a CV including a short cover letter and names and contact details of at least two referees as one single document to saara.ollila(at)helsinki.fi. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Email for more information!


The Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience (CBN), Rutgers University, invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level to develop an innovative and interdisciplinary research program in neuroscience

17.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista
The Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience (CBN), Rutgers University, invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level to develop an innovative and interdisciplinary research program in neuroscience. 
CBN is home to a collegial faculty with diverse interests encompassing neurobiology, physiology, molecular biology, stem cell biology, and immunology. Ample opportunities for collaboration exist within the Department, the broader Division of Life Sciences, nearby Rutgers Institutes such as The Brain Health Institute, The Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, The Child Health Institute, and The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Rutgers provides excellent facilities and competitive start-up packages. 
Applicants must hold a Ph.D., MD or equivalent degree, have at least 4 years of postdoctoral training in neuroscience, and a strong record of scholarly achievement. Priority will be given to outstanding applicants whose research focuses on neurophysiological analysis of single cells and circuits in the mammalian brain. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the teaching of undergraduate and graduate level courses in her/his field of expertise, and maintain a productive extramurally funded research program. 
Interested individuals are encouraged to apply online by submitting a curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research plans, and the contact information of three individuals who will provide letters of reference.
Apply here: https://jobs.rutgers.edu/postings/74256
Applications should be submitted as soon as possible but not later than December 31, 2018. Late applications may be considered until the position is filled
Rutgers University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. 


A postdoc and Ph.D. student positions open in University of Eastern Finland, in the Latonen group

17.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista
A postdoctoral position is available in the newly established laboratory of Adj.prof. Leena Latonen in University of Eastern Finland, School of Medicine, Institute of Biomedicine, Kuopio Campus. Our laboratory studies cancer-associated cellular mechanisms against protein and RNA toxicity.

We are seeking for a motivated Postdoctoral Researcher to join the Academy of Finland funded project studying epithelial functions of androgen receptor-linked RNA binding proteins. We are interested in understanding the roles in cellular stress responses of macromolecules aberrated in prostate cancer. We use modern cell and molecular biology techniques ranging from imaging to next generation sequencing. In this project, we focus on interactions between protein and RNA molecules as well as intracellular traffic of macromolecular complexes. 

A person to be appointed as a postdoctoral researcher shall hold a suitable doctoral degree (e.g. molecular or cell biology, or alike), a publication record of high quality, fluent written and spoken English, and ability to work both independently as well as a part of a group. Previous experience in RNA biology, mammalian cell culture and/or cellular imaging will be an asset. 

The Postdoctoral Researcher position is filled initially for two years starting from 1.11.2018 (or negotiated).
More information from: leena.latonen@uef.fi
Information of the application procedure and requirements, and a link to the electronic application system can be found in: http://www.uef.fi/en/uef/en-open-positions

The deadline for the postdoc applications is 30.9.2018.
The laboratory is also inviting applications for Ph.D. students. For this, send your expression of interest and CV to leena.latonen@uef.fi .


Yliopistotutkija, neurobioinformatiikka – Biolääketieteen yksikkö, Itä-Suomen yliopisto (Kuopio)

17.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista

Itä-Suomen yliopisto on yksi Suomen suurimmista monialaisista tiedeyliopistoista. Tarjoamme opetusta lähes sadassa pääaineessa. Opiskelijoita on noin 15 500 ja työllistämme 2 500 henkilöä. Toimimme Joensuussa ja Kuopiossa. Kansainvälisissä yliopistojen vertailuissa sijoitumme maailman parhaiden joukkoon.

Terveystieteiden tiedekunta toimii Itä-Suomen yliopiston Kuopion kampuksella. Tiedekunnassa koulutetaan lääkäreitä, hammaslääkäreitä, ravitsemusterapeutteja, farmaseutteja ja proviisoreja sekä muita keskeisiä asiantuntijoita terveydenhuollon eri aloille.  Tiedekunta on hyvin tutkimusintensiivinen. Kansainvälisesti korkeatasoinen ja monitieteinen tutkimus kytkeytyy vahvasti yliopiston strategiassa tunnistettuihin tutkimusalueisiin. Tiedekunnassa on noin 2 500 perustutkinto-opiskelijaa ja noin 450 jatko-opiskelijaa. Henkilökuntaa tiedekunnassa on 680. http://www.uef.fi/fi/ttdk

Haettavana on

Yliopistotutkija, neurobioinformatiikka, lääketieteen laitos/biolääketieteen yksikkö, Kuopion kampus

Tehtävään kuuluu neurotieteen tutkimus (erityisesti neurodegeneratiivisten sairauksien ja epilepsian tutkimus), soveltaen bioinformatiikkaa pre-kliinisten ja kliinisten tutkimus- ja väestöaineistojen tutkimukseen. Erityisalana korkean kapasiteetin -omiikka-teknologiat ja data-analyysimenetelmät. Uusien bioinformatiikan menetelmien ja ohjelmistojen kehittäminen, sekä niiden soveltaminen neurotieteen tutkimukseen. Pre-kliinisten/kliinisten aineistojen, sekä niihin liittyvän infrastruktuurin hallinta. Työskentely yhteistyössä neurotieteilijöiden kanssa, tarjoten bioinformatiikan, tiedonhallinnan ja data-analyysin asiantuntemusta.

Yliopistotutkijan palvelussuhteeseen valittavan tulee olla soveltuvan tohtorin tutkinnon suorittanut ja hänellä tulee olla hyvä opetustaito. Yliopistotutkijan tehtävään voidaan ottaa toistaiseksi tai määräajaksi (johtosääntö 31 §).

Tehtävään vaaditaan tohtorintutkinto bioinformatiikan, tietojenkäsittelytieteen tai muulta läheiseltä alalta. Käytännön kokemusta työskentelystä neurotieteen projekteissa pidetään etuna. Kokemusta bioinformatiikan projektien ja infrastruktuurien hallinnasta. Kokemusta prekliinisistä tutkimusaineistoista, laajoista kliinisistä tutkimuksista sekä väestötutkimuksista. Kokemusta kliinisen geneettisen, transkriptomisen, proteomisen sekä metabolomisen datan analysoinnista ja yhdistämisestä. Vahva teoreettinen ja käytännön tausta ohjelmoinnista ja ohjelmistotekniikasta. Vahvat yhteistyökyvyt sekä käytännön kokemus yhteistyöstä monitieteellisten akateemisten tutkimusryhmien kanssa.

Tehtävään vaadittavasta kielitaidosta on säädetty valtioneuvoston asetuksella 770/2009. Yliopiston opetus- ja tutkimustehtävää hoitavalta vaaditaan, että hän hallitsee sen kielen, suomen tai ruotsin, jolla hänen on annettava opetusta. Tiedekunnan dekaani voi myöntää erivapauden yliopistoasetuksen kielitaitovaatimuksiin. 

Tehtävä täytetään määräajalle alkaen 1.1.2019 tai sopimuksen mukaan – 31.12.2019. Määräaikaisuuden perusteena on tehtävän projektiluontoisuus.

Tehtävän palkkaus määräytyy yliopistojen opetus- ja tutkimushenkilöstön palkkausjärjestelmän mukaisesti vaativuustasoille 6-7 (3 374,18 – 3 889,84 €/kk). Tehtäväkohtaisen palkanosan lisäksi maksetaan henkilökohtaiseen suoriutumiseen perustuvaa palkanosaa, joka on enintään 46,3 % tehtäväkohtaisesta palkanosasta.

Lisätietoja: Professori Mikko Hiltunen, puh. 029 4454 723, mikko.hiltunen@uef.fi  ja hakumenettelyn osalta henkilöstösihteeri Tellervo Rajanto, puh. 029 4454 278, tellervo.rajanto@uef.fi

Uuden työntekijän tullessa yliopiston palvelukseen käytetään koeaikaa.


17.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista


The University of Helsinki https://www.helsinki.fi/en is a leading Nordic life science university and an international academic community comprising 40,000 students and staff. With a critical outlook and a creative attitude, we are building a better future.

Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE https://www.helsinki.fi/en/helsinki-institute-of-life-science is a new life science research institute forming an attractive international environment for researchers, and facilitating national and international partnerships in areas of research, infrastructures, and innovations. The university life science research institutes – Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, and Neuroscience Center – are included in HiLIFE as operative units. HiLIFE has joint Tenure Track Assistant/Associate Professors and HiLIFE Fellows with life science faculties on Viikki, Meilahti and Kumpula campuses.

We are now recruiting


starting June 2019 at the earliest. The HiLIFE Tenure Track positions are initially for three to five years with a possibility for extension or tenuring following successful evaluation.

The successful candidate is expected to develop an independent externally funded line of research in current or emerging areas of life sciences. The following fields have been identified by the participating faculties: forest sciences, food and nutrition sciences, agricultural sciences, microbial biotechnology (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry); molecular and integrative biosciences, ecosystems and environment, organismal and evolutionary biology (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences); clinical medicine (Faculty of Medicine); pharmacology and therapeutics, pharmaceutical chemistry and technology, pharmaceutical biosciences (Faculty of Pharmacy); physical biochemistry modelling, x-ray bionanoimaging, integrative paleontology, global biodiversity and ecosystem change, biosphere-atmosphere interactions and climate change (Faculty of Science).

Finalists must successfully complete an interview process that includes a research seminar and teaching demonstration. The positions come with an attractive negotiable startup package, and are initially for three to five years with a possibility for extension or tenuring following successful evaluation. All positions are shared between HiLIFE and one of the participating faculties where contracts during the tenure-track are with HiLIFE and following tenuring at the faculty. The salary is negotiable within the framework of the University of Helsinki regulations.

We seek candidates with a doctorate degree and significant post-doctoral experience and recent demonstration of excellence in research in life sciences according to career stage. Early stage independent researchers are especially encouraged to apply. The formal qualifications required for the positions are indicated in the general qualification requirements of the University of Helsinki (level 3) https://www.helsinki.fi/en/university/open-positions/qualification-requi…

Applications are submitted via the link at the bottom of the page, (employees of the University of Helsinki are requested to leave their application via the SAP HR portal), and include limited information on a form and a single pdf attached to the form. On the form the applicant includes personal information, a short motivation letter, a list of five selected publications describing the key finding and applicants contribution, and contacts for referees. In a separate attached pdf the applicant includes a curriculum vitae including teaching experience (2 pages); a list of not more than 20 publications, and a research plan (2 pages).
Applications are submitted by October 31, 2018.

Evaluation of applications is carried out by an Appointment Committee and includes external referee statements and interviews of shortlisted applicants. The interviews are expected to take place in early February, and the recruitment to be completed by the end of May 2019.

Further information:
HiLIFE director, Professor Tomi P Mäkelä tel:+358 2941 25500, e-mail: hilife-recruit@helsinki.fi


In case you need support with the recruitment portal, please contact recruitment(at)helsinki.fi

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31.10.2018 23:59 EET

Erikoistutkija – Lääkealan turvallisuus- ja kehittämiskeskus, Fimea, (vakituinen virka ja määräaikainen), Helsinki

13.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista

Erikoistutkija – Lääkealan turvallisuus- ja kehittämiskeskus, Fimea, (vakituinen virka ja määräaikainen), Helsinki

Lääkealan turvallisuus- ja kehittämiskeskus Fimea on sosiaali- ja terveysministeriön alainen virasto, joka valvoo ja kehittää lääkealaa väestön terveydeksi.

Erikoistutkijan pääasiallisena tehtävänä on biologisten lääkevalmisteiden laadun arviointi osana myyntilupahakemusten ja kliinisten lääketutkimusten kokonaisarviointia. Lisäksi tehtäviin sisältyy biologisiin lääkkeisiin liittyvää tieteellistä neuvontaa sekä kansallisella että EU tasolla ja toimijoiden ohjausta.

Avoinna olevaan virkaan ja vuoden mittaiseen määräaikaiseen virkasuhteeseen haetaan ensisijaisesti asiantuntijoita solubiologian ja biokemian osaamisalueilta.

Tehtävien menestyksellinen hoitaminen edellyttää:

Ylempää korkeakoulututkintoa ja tehtäväalueeseen soveltuvaa tieteellistä jatkokoulutusta tai kokemusta tieteellisestä tutkimustyöstä soveltuvilla aloilla (esim. biokemia, solubiologia, bioteknologia)
Hyviä yhteistyö- ja vuorovaikutustaitoja
Kykyä ja halua kotimaiseen ja EU-yhteistyöhön moniammatillisessa asiantuntijaorganisaatiossa
Sujuva suomen- ja englannin kielen suullista ja kirjallista taitoa sekä tyydyttävää ruotsin kielen taitoa

Hakijalle katsotaan eduksi:

Erityisosaaminen solubiologian alalta tai laaja-alainen asiantuntemus biokemian alueelta
Kokemus soluvalmisteiden tai rekombinanttiproteiinien lääkekehityksestä ja/tai lääketuotannosta
Käytännön kokemus rekombinanttiproteiinien karakterisointi-tutkimuksista sekä analyysimenetelmien validointitutkimuksista.

Sujuva suomen- ja englannin kielen suullinen ja kirjallinen taito sekä tyydyttävä ruotsin kielen taito.

LAP prosessin FBY-yksikön erikoistutkijan virka on sijoitettu vaativuusluokkaan 11a, jossa tehtäväkohtainen palkanosa on 4444,96 euroa/kk. Virassa maksetaan lisäksi henkilökohtaiseen työsuoritukseen perustuvaa palkanosaa, joka on enintään 42 % tehtävän mukaisesta palkasta.

Tai sopimuksen mukaan.
Virka on viraston yhteinen.
Fimea toimii monipaikkaisena virastona. Fimean toimipaikat ovat Kuopiossa, Helsingissä, Tampereella ja Turussa. Viran sijoituspaikka voidaan sopia.
ID: 33-263-2018

Lähde: TE-palvelujen asiakastietojärjestelmä 13.9.2018 08:40:20

Account Manager for Clinical Microbiology – Finland bioMérieux Suomi Oy, Espoo

13.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista

Account Manager for Clinical Microbiology – Finland bioMérieux Suomi Oy, Espoo

The bioMérieux group is a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for clinical and industrial applications. Present in more than 150 countries through 43 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors we provide diagnostic solutions that improve patient health and ensure consumer safety. The corporate headquarters is located in Marcy l´Étoile, Lyon in France.

About bioMérieux Clinical Diagnostics
bioMérieux Clinical Diagnostics, specialized in the in vitro diagnostics sector, designs, develops, produces and markets diagnosis systems (reagents, instruments and software) for medical or industrial applications. In vitro diagnostics tests are used to measure, identify and quantify bacteria and viruses as well as substances generated by the human body in the presence, for instance, of an infectious disease, a cancer or a cardiac pathology.

To grow our success in the bioMérieux Nordic countries we are looking for:

Account Manager for Clinical Microbiology – Finland

Job description
As Account Manager you will have comprehensive responsibility within the defined market area in Finland for budget sales in clinical bacteriology. This demands a high commitment, self -driven, result and customer oriented personality.
Job requires flexibility to travel. You will travel mainly within Finland . It also includes travel within other Nordic countries when needed.

You will be an important asset contributing to the Nordic Clinical Team.

You will report directly to the Nordic Commercial Manager based in Finland.

It is essential to have very good knowledge in the field of clinical microbiology and public health care sector. Work experience equivalent is creditable.

Desirable background and characteristics
• Bachelor / Master degree in microbiology or similar discipline
• Minimum two years working experience of similar sales work
• Good knowledge of the IVD market either having work experience in sales or at the hospital laboratories
• Mother language Finnish and good communication skills in English are mandatory. Language skills in any other Nordic language especially Swedish is creditable
• Driving license is mandatory (company car will be provided)
• Personal profile characterized by customer focus, result focus, solution orientation and service minded approach
• Good interpersonal skills and cultural awareness
• Self-driven and innovative
• IT literate with a good working knowledge of MS Office Suite is mandatory

At bioMérieux we offer a challenging and diverse job in an organization which is in a strongly expansive phase. We have an open and informal work atmosphere. In addition an attractive salary including pension, bonus system, company car, cellphone, laptop and ipad.

We are the market leader in clinical microbiology – come with us into the exiting future.

You will be an important part of the Nordic organization and we will offer you an open, developing and warm working atmosphere.

Please send us a cover letter with CV in English to nordicapplication@biomerieux.com (only by e-mail). Deadline for application is 30th of September; all applications will be handled confidentially. Position will be filled as soon as a proper candidate is available.

Please visit our website: www.biomerieux.com or www.biomerieux-nordic.com.

We look forward to your application.

Doctoral Student, Neurovascular Biology and Dementia – University of Oulu, Oulu, FI

13.9.2018 | Ajankohtaista

The University of Oulu is one of the largest universities in Finland. With about 16 000 students and approximately 3 000 employees it is a vibrant international scientific community. By combining multidisciplinary research/study approach, high-level infrastructure and wide cooperation with international research and educational institutes it offers students and researchers “Science with Arctic Attitude”.

More information

Subject Field And Description Of The Position

Applications are invited for a full-time doctoral student position starting at the earliest on 1.10.2018 and ending at 31.12.2020. Contract can be extended depending on the progress.

The position is supervised by Professor Lauri Eklund and affiliated with the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (FBMM) (


To successfully occupy the position the candidate must possess a Master’s degree or an equivalent degree (e.g. licentiate). Degree must have been completed by 1.10.2018 (or latest before the job contract starts). The successful applicant is expected to have experience in physiology, neuro/vascular biology, mouse surgery and microscopical imaging. Ability to pursue independent research and excellent writing and fluency in English is expected. The selected candidate will carry out his/her doctoral studies in the Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme of the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS) and must meet the minimal requirements to receive doctoral study rights as defined in


The salary will be set on levels 2 – 4 of the national salary scale for the teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a supplementary remuneration will be given for personal achievement and performance (max. 46.3%). The salary thus being roughly 2000 – 3700 € / month before tax.


Applications must be submitted using the electronic application form by 16.9. 2018, 24:00 (Finnish local time) with the following attachments as three separate pdf files:

  • Complete CV containing contact information of at least two referees (Max. size limit of the attachment: 5 Mbytes).
  • Motivation letter describing experience, research merits, research interests and career plans (1-2 pages; max. size limit of the attachment: 2 Mbytes).
  • Certificates/Diplomas: Scanned electronic copies of diplomas and transcripts of the records of relevant previous degrees. If the original documents are not in English or Finnish, each document must be accompanied by an official certified translation into English or Finnish. (Max. size limit of the attachment: 2 Mbytes).

Other relevant information

The eligible applicants fitting best in the research profile expected for the position may be invited to an on-site or remote interview. All applicants will be notified when the selection process is completed.


Lauri Eklund, research group leader, lauri.eklund@oulu.fi

Tiina Hurskainen, HR Manager, tiina.hurskainen@oulu.fi