FIMM is seeking a Doctoral Student in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology

FIMM is seeking a Doctoral Student in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
The Quantitative Systems Pharmacology research group led by Dr. Jing Tang focuses on developing mathematical and informatics tools to tackle biomedical questions that may potentially lead to breakthroughs in drug discovery. We are developing network pharmacology modelling methods, aiming at a systems-level understanding of how cancer cells can be inhibited by synergistic drug combinations through multi–target perturbations. As part of the Individualized Systems Medicine Grant Challenge Program at FIMM, we offer an improved efficiency to identify more effective cancer treatments for personalized medicine.
The PhD student will be involved in the ERC funded project DrugComb (2017-2022) in the field of cancer drug discovery research. The student is expected to develop novel network pharmacology models to predict synergistic drug combinations for individual cancer patients. The models shall integrate genotypic, phenotypic and clinical data of cancer patients to establish biomarkers predictive of drug or drug combination responses. Such network models should also include the cancer signalling pathways to elucidate the mechanisms of action, by which a quantitative prediction of a multi-targeted drug or drug combination can be made and tested in follow-up biological experiments.
More information:  https://www.fimm.fi/en/open-position/phd-student-quantitative-systems-pharmacology-research-group
Application deadline:  15.11.2017