Open positions for a postdoc and a researcher at Molecular Sciences, SLU, Sweden


Post Doc Food structure

SLU seeks a highly motivated researcher for a 2 year post-doc in food microstructures. The position has its base at the Department of Molecular Sciences, the food science unit. The department generates and conveys vital information about food composition and properties and its importance to our health. This is done in close collaboration with other researchers and stakeholders in the food chain, nationally and internationally. The department offers a creative and stimulating international environment, and is part of Uppsala BioCenter, a strong research environment for basic and applied research.

The research and education focuses on food composition and follows the food chain via preparation and processing of the raw materials. The composition, quality (sensory, health, safety) and functionality of food are considered in relation to primary production, processing for the interests of the individual consumer. The microstructure is affected by the physical and chemical environments and processing conditions. In this work the impact of microstructure on quality properties such as texture, barrier and release properties, etc. is of interest.

We welcome your application no later than 2019-06-24.

More information and application at http://www.finbionet.fi/SLU_postdoc.pdf

Position as researcher at Department of Molecular Sciences

SLU has as one of its strategic goals to develop circular bio-based economics and efficient use of renewable raw materials. The Department of Molecular Sciences at SLU, where the employment is located, currently consists of approximately 110 employees and together with two other Departments forms an inspiring research environment at BioCentrum in Uppsala with expertise in plant biology, mycology, plant pathology, microbiology, food science, computational genetics, chemistry and biotechnology. It provides a high quality infrastructure including consisting of plant cultivation facilities, advanced microscopy and molecular biology, X-ray and NMR. The Department provides the scientific community, trustee and the public with knowledge about chemical compounds and biological processes, as well as their importance to society and its development. The department conducts research, teaching and environmental monitoring in the field of inorganic, physical and organic chemistry, biochemistry, natural product chemistry, food science and microbiology. Visit us at  https://www.slu.se/institutions/molekylara-vetenskaper/

SLU is looking for a highly motivated researcher for a biomaterial and food development focusing on how microstructures affect physical properties. Development towards a sustainable society requires new methods of producing materials and food. The position is located at the Department of Molecular Sciences. We generate and convey important information about the composition and properties of food and biomaterials. The department is involved in teaching at Bachelor’s as well as Master’s levels. The courses range from food science and food technology to basic chemistry.

We welcome your application no later than 2019-05-24.

More information and application at http://www.finbionet.fi/SLU_researcher.pdf