PhD-student or post-doctoral fellow – Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki



We are looking for a PhD-student or post-doctoral fellow to join our team at Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki to unravel the basic principles of cytoskeletal dynamics

The actin cytoskeleton is critical for a vast number of vital cellular processes such as morphogenesis, motility, endocytosis, cytokinesis, and mechanosensing. Abnormalities in actin-dependent processes, including cell morphogenesis, motility and cytokinesis, often occur in cancer cells. Moreover, many pathogens exploit the actin polymerization machinery of the host cell during the infection process. Thus, elucidating the mechanisms of actin dynamics will be valuable for understanding the principles of these actin-dependent pathological states. The research group of Pekka Lappalainen uses a wide array of biochemical, biophysical, cell biological, and genetic methods to reveal how structure and dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton are regulated in various cellular processes.

We are now looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic PhD-student/post-doctoral fellow to join in a project that focuses on general principles that control actin dynamics in human cells as well as in evolutionarily distant pathogenic unicellular parasites. Strong expertise in protein biochemistry or cell biology is beneficial although not necessary, and the most important quality of a successful candidate is strong interest towards carrying out research.

Please, send you Curriculum Vitae and an application letter describing your research interest to prof. Pekka Lappalainen by September 30th, 2018.