Postdoctoral fellow, University of Helsinki


Postdoctoral fellow, University of Helsinki

Job description

Our research on renal differentiation aims to facilitate generation of new therapeutic strategies for kidney diseases. The genetic and developmental bases of various diseases are poorly understood, and currently available treatments are limited to dialysis and organ transplantation. We are specifically interested in growth factor induced signaling in the regulation of collecting duct and nephron progenitor during their cellular events in ureteric bud branching morphogenesis and differentiation of the functional units of the kidneys, the nephrons. In vitro tissue, organ and cell culture approaches are used in combination with in vivo studies utilizing complex genetic models to facilitate comprehensive understanding of renal differentiation, which is elementary for generation of pluripotent cell-based organoid and other prospective treatment options.

Applicants are expected to have experience in imaging, molecular and cell biology techniques, and most importantly, show self-motivation and enthusiasm towards learning new things and technologies. Previous skills in developmental biology are acknowledged.