Postdoctoral position in translational cancer research, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

The postdoc will be working with Kaisa Lehti, group leader at the Department of Microbiology, Tumor- and Cell biology (MTC) and Joseph Carlson, team leader in Oncology-Pathology and member of the group of Monica Nister. The expertise and background of these teams are complementary: Dr. Lehti’s group has extensive experience with cancer biology and translational studies within tumor biology. Dr. Carlson is a clinician scientist, who works in the Department of pathology, is responsible for the Gyn tumor biobank, Karolinska Hospital, and has a close working relationship with clinicians involved in ovarian cancer and sarcoma therapy. Thus the position includes excellent possibilities for translational (bench to bedside) research.
The tumors being investigated will be malignant sarcomas of the uterus (undifferentiated uterine sarcomas and uterine leiomyosarcomas) and high grade serous carcinoma of the ovary.
This position is an ideal opportunity for a recent graduate to learn new techniques and to work in an exciting translational research environment.
For more information and applications: https://ki.varbi.com/en/what:job/jobID:186896/
NOTE: The final application deadline is Feb 10!