Postdoctoral position to study mammary gland stem cells and their relation with breast cancers


Our laboratory studies the fate of mammary gland stem cells during development, postnatal growth, pregnancy/lactation and tumor initiation (Van Keymeulen, Nature 2011; Van Keymeulen Nature 2015; Wuidard Genes & Development 2016; Van Keymeulen Cell Reports 2017).

In this project, we will define the mechanisms that regulate multipotent cell fate in the mammary gland and how these mechanisms are hijacked during tumorigenesis.
The project is funded by the FNRS and the European Research Council (ERC).

The position will be funded for 2 years with possibility of extension.
Candidates must have a PhD degree. Previous experience with mouse genetics,
bio-imaging and molecular biology, although not essential, would be highly advantageous.

Enquiries should be sent to Professor Cédric Blanpain (labblanp@ulb.ac.be),
together with the names and email address of 3 references.