Postdoctoral Positions in Chemical Neurobiology and Neuropeptide Physiology in the Banghart Laboratory, Neurobiology Section at the University of California San Diego


The Banghart Lab at UCSD seeks to fill two NIH-funded Postdoctoral Fellowship positions to study neuropeptide signaling in the mammalian brain. Fellows will contribute to team-based, multi-institutional molecular tool-development efforts in addition to pursuing independent research projects. Technologies under development include photoactivatable neuropeptides, precision pharmacological reagents, and neuropeptide sensors. Our physiological studies aim to understand the role of several neuropeptides in pain modulation, and molecular mechanisms that govern neuropeptide secretion in the brain. This work is funded by the NIH Brain Initiative, NIDA and NIGMS.

The Chemistry position requires expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and the ability to independently plan and carry out the synthesis and analysis of new molecules. Some experience with peptide chemistry and/or light-sensitive molecules is highly desired. Candidates should be highly independent in the hood and comfortable being surrounded by neurobiologists. Interest in contributing to biological evaluation of new probes is a plus. Applicants should hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in chemistry or chemical biology.

The Neurobiology position requires experience in molecular biology, cell culture and fluorescence microscopy. Additional experience with G-protein coupled receptors, intracellular signaling, electrophysiology, rodent behavior, and/or stereotactic surgery is highly desirable. Candidates must be willing to work as part of a team to contribute to collaborative tool-development projects while also pursuing an additional independent research project that exploits the resulting technologies. Applicants should hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in biology, pharmacology, neuroscience or related fields.

The Banghart Lab is located in the Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior (CNCB), which is the hub of UCSD Neuroscience community. We are proud to work in a highly interactive research environment that embraces diversity and work-life balance in addition to scientific excellence. Both positions will offer opportunities to write grants, train students and present findings at professional conferences. Salary will be a minimum of $50,760 according to UCSD guidelines.

Candidates should send their CV and the names of 3 references to mbanghart@ucsd.edu