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Job description

ASCVD is a leading cause of death worldwide, and early identification of individuals at high risk is crucial for preventing severe clinical events such as stroke or myocardial infarction. Current risk prediction models have limited accuracy as they are built on prevalent risk factors, rather than considering genetic and environmental factors that contribute to the development of ASCVD. We aim to capture these missing aspects of ASCVD risk by leveraging the predictive ability of genetic variation provided by the worlds largest meta-analysis of GWAS for ASCVD and introducing new disease mechanism-based stratification. Read more about us: Cardiovascular Genomics (Kaikkonen lab) – UEFConnect

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in one of the following three key aspects of the project, based on their personal interests and aspirations.

Mapping the transcriptomic and epigenetic effects of risk variants through single-cell multiomics profiling of a large collection of human atherosclerotic tissue samples.
Inferring disease-associated genes, gene-gene interactions, and gene regulatory networks using an innovative approach that leverages the power of CRISPR technology.
Developing and refining functionally informed polygenic risk models, benchmarking them against traditional risk prediction models to ensure predictive accuracy.
This role offers a broad scope, accommodating interests in various domains, including wetlab procedures, computational work, or a blend of the two, providing a unique opportunity to shape your career trajectory in a manner that resonates with your professional ambitions.

The position will be filledfor a 2-year termfrom 1 October 2023 onwards (or as agreed). The position is filled for a fixed-term due to it pertaining to a specific project task. A probationary period is applied to all new members of the staff.

The salary of the position is determined in accordance with the salary system of Finnish universities. The salary comprises two components: a job-related salary element and a personal salary element. In this position, the job requirement level is based on levels 5-6 on the job requirement level chart for teaching and research staff. The personal salary element is 6-50% of the job-related salary element. Depending on the personal salary element, the salary will be approximately 3,465-4,483 €/month.

Our requirements and expectations

We invite applications from talented individuals who are highly motivated and passionate about making a transformative impact in cardiovascular research. The desired requirements and expectations include:


Education: A Ph.D. or equivalent: degree in a relevant field such as Molecular Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Cell Biology, Cardiovascular Biology, or a related discipline.
Research experience: Demonstrable experience in research, preferably in the field of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease or a closely related area.
Skills: Proficiency in cell culture techniques, molecular biology methods, genetic manipulation tools (e.g., CRISPR), single-cell multiomics profiling, or computational biology would be beneficial.
Publications: A strong track record of publications in peer-reviewed journals.
Communication: Excellent English communication skills, both written and oral.


Ability to work effectively as part of an interdisciplinary and international team.
A passion for scientific research, problem-solving abilities, and a strong desire to contribute to the field of cardiovascular genomics.

Your benefits

You will have access to the universitys staff benefits, including opportunity for flexible multi-location work extensive occupational health care broad selection of staff training staff discount on lunch in our campus restaurants, as well as on a range of other services affordable sports services and tax-free bike benefit

Please read more in theWork at UEF section on our website.

You will have an opportunity to work in aninteresting and meaningfulrole as part of our international, creative, participatory and inclusive academic community.

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