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About the job

Are you interested in working with in areas that have a high impact on society such as biofuels, sustainable food proteins, or animal and human medicine? Would you like to do impactful research in the cutting edge of natural sciences with superb colleagues who are top expert in their field? Do you want to build a science career and work in a versatile role at the interface of academy and industry? VTT might be just the place for you.

VTT is one of the leading applied research organisations in Europe. What unites us are curiosity, a passion for learning and a purpose: to solve the biggest challenges of our time and turn them into sustainable growth and well-being. Our cross-disciplinary community of over 2000 brilliant minds is focused on creating impact through science-based innovation. In recent years, we have created ground-breaking innovations such as the world’s fastest and most accurate radiation detector, a cancer-sniffing sensor device for smartphones, and a headphone set entirely made of microbial materials.

We are now looking for Research Scientists to join our Protein production team.

In these positions, there are several potential roles depending on your level of expertise and skill level such as work in commercial projects where we develop fungal production systems for customers or leading research projects and applying for funding.

Our team, Protein production, works on topics of great important to society such as production of sustainable, animal free food proteins, production of vaccines to reduce antibiotics use in animals, enzyme mixtures for biofuel production, and therapeutic proteins for human medicine. These aims are in line with VTT’s mission to build a sustainable food system and enable bioinspired production for sustainable materials.

Your responsibilities as Research Scientist:

  • Scientific project work in the fields of protein production systems and fungal biology
  • Writing scientific reports and presenting research data
  • Working with customers to help them solve challenges
  • In some cases, applying for competitive research funding
  • Working as part of project team and contributing positively to a productive work environment

Who we are looking for:

  • Excellent laboratory skills and experience in molecular biology techniques, such as DNA cloning, genome engineering, protein analysis, protein purification and possibly in genomic analysis
  • Completed MSc or PhD in relevant field
  • One year or more of experience working with yeast or filamentous fungi
  • Strong spoken and written English skills
  • Strong academic publication record
  • Industrial experience working in a biotechnology company

As a person, we hope that you:

  • are motivated and willing to take initiative in getting projects accomplished
  • have strong communication skills
  • can work both independently and as a member of a team
  • enjoy scientific and technological challenges and have a strong passion for work
  • are willing to travel to customer and scientific meetings
  • are an outside-the-box think with ability to learn new things continuously
  • can tolerate pressure and maintain good work-life balance

With VTT, you’ll enjoy:

  • Natural sciences with an impact. VTT works on the cutting-edge of natural sciences, and we’ve invested into building state-of-the-art research facilities for natural sciences, such as the Bioruukki pilot infrastructure for bio- and circular economy. Our research agenda is dedicated to solving systemic and technological challenges, such as reaching carbon neutrality and unleashing the power of synthetic biology. That means that at VTT, your expertise in natural sciences will go towards creating real impact. Read more about our strategy – the path of exponential hope.
  • Superb colleagues and community. With VTT, you’ll join a community of over 2000 multidisciplinary experts who foster a culture of trust, openness and sharing knowledge. We work truly across disciplines, and house all the cutting-edge sciences from quantum computing to synthetic biology under one roof. Collaborating with superb colleagues is a source of learning, inspiration, and fun.
  • Excellent career in research. At VTT, excellence in research is a strategic priority. We offer long-term positions and stable career paths in top-level research. People tend to stay with us over 10 years since there are always new roles and responsibilities to grow into. A combination of cutting-edge academic research and applied customer projects keeps your career path interesting.
  • Support for your well-being. Our people are our main asset, so we take good care of them. We aim to nurture great team spirit and leadership and offer versatile well-being services to enable a good work–life balance. On top of 6 weeks of paid holidays we offer exercise and culture benefits, hobby clubs, and voluntary well-being services such as meditation programmes and trainings on cognitive ergonomics.
  • Nordic work–life balance. Working in Finland, the happiest country in the world, enables a great quality of life. At VTT, we make our people’s well-being a strategic priority. We offer 6 weeks paid vacation a year, and our benefits include extended occupational healthcare, and a range well-being services, such as exercise and culture benefits and hobby clubs. Read more here (https://www.vttresearch.com/en/research-jobs-in-finland)

Apply now and join our community of brilliant minds!

Please send your CV and application with a possible salary request via our recruitment system as soon as possible but at the latest by 2nd January 2022. We will process applications as they come in and fill the position as soon as we find the right candidate.

Interested and want to hear more?

For further information, please contact Research Team Leader Chris Landowski, Christopher.Landowski@vtt.fi.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Location: Espoo Finland

Employment type: Full time, Permanent